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Aeration System

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Aeration System

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This system uses filtered air to add oxygen to your wort. It is an inexpensive, easy, efficient, sanitary way to achieve wort oxygen levels of up to 8 ppm. The aeration system uses an aquarium pump to force air through an in-line HEPA filter and then through a stainless steel diffusion stone into your wort. This system will never run out of oxygen; however you do need to let the system run for 20-60 minutes to achieve oxygen saturation. Make sure to check on the progress occasionally as it can create a lot of foam.

Note: The filter should never get wet, so don't try and sanitize it by dunking it in sanitizer. To store the filter, use a little tinfoil on the "In" of the filter and store in a zip-lock bag.
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Great supplies
Great supplies
February 29, 2016
Does the job
I use this to aerate the wort in my carboy before pitching the yeast. The hose is long enough to reach the bottom of a 6 gallon glass carboy and stays in place. If your using a bucket for your fermentation you will need a way to hold it down. I put the lid on, sealed it then cracked a small enough section to slip the hose in between the lid and the bucket rim which kept it in place. It is recommended to boil the stone for 10 or 15 minutes after each use to keep it clean but I didn't and it clogged on be. I was unable to unclog it by boiling but I did get it working again by soaking it in a straight Vinegar solution for about an hour then soaking it in water to remove the vinegar. If you notice your wort bubbling out of your fermenter you probably are aerated enough and can stop aerating._x000D__x000D_Overall I recommend this product.
December 27, 2012
Works great with a little forethought
I use this product as a part of my 3 tier system. I have a plate chiller which allows me to run the aeration pump while chilling my wort. The result is several inches of foam and a nicely aerated wort for pitching my yeast into. I initially looked at building one of these to reduce the cost but after adding the part cost together it was a few bucks more than just purchasing kit setup.
January 24, 2013
Aeration System Works Great
This aeration system makes oxygenating my wort a no brainer. If you're having problems in this area. This is the product to buy!_x000D__x000D__x000D__x000D__x000D__x000D__x000D__x000D__x000D__x000D__x000D__x000D__x000D__x000D__x000D__x000D__x000D__x000D__x000D__x000D__x000D__x000D__x000D__x000D__x000D__x000D__x000D__x000D_
January 29, 2013
Worked good first time out
It worked well the first time I used it (Oct 24, 2012) on the IPA. The beer was visibly fermenting 2 hours later...vigorously 12 hours later._x000D__x000D_ The air line was short for a Car Boy...the cap, if that what is way was usless
October 25, 2012
It adds a lot of air
Just give it some time to oxygenate your beer, it wont do it in just a minute. I use this and get good results, no stuck fermentations. To prevent the stone from getting blocked I rinse it in boiling water and star san and handle it with gloves.
March 24, 2013
It works but it isn't perfect
Mine was different than the picture shows but I think the functionality is the same. Just be aware that this stock photo may not be exactly what you get._x000D_Mine worked great for my first 3 5 gallon fermenters(I do 20gal). By the 4th fermenter it basically wasn't bubbling much at all._x000D_I didn't ever touch the stainless 'stone' but I suspect that the hop oils are clogging it._x000D_You can buy aquarium stones off of ebay for less than a dollar. So, I'm just going to use those and throw them away after use._x000D__x000D_If I had to do it again, I would just pick up a cheap air pump on ebay, get a hepa filter and disposable stones. You can probably do that for half of the price. This pump is actually an aquarium pump and you will see them on ebay for a lot less. I assume that a large part of the price at homebrew shops is due to the stainless 'stone'.
April 1, 2013
just ok
I aerated my wort with this system for my first two years brewing. It worked ok. It causes a lot of foam to form and takes about 15 minutes. The fermentations were ok. Then I decided to get the oxygen kit. My fermentations happened faster and were more vigorous. I only had to turn on the oxygen for about 30-60 seconds. Also, for higher gravity beers this aquarium pump system will not put enough oxygen into the wort no matter how long you use it. Only the oxygen system can do that. This product is a fine quality and all, but I would spend $20 bucks more and oxygenate instead of aerate. More bang for your buck.
July 31, 2013
Easy Aeration
I purchased this to assist in the aeration of the wort. It is easy to use and continues to work for multiple batches of beer. I would recommend this product for low to mid alcohol beer production!
March 30, 2014
Very quick and easy set
Very quick and easy set up, got the job done
February 23, 2016
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