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Blichmann TopTier Base Stand

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Blichmann TopTier Base Stand

SKU: 77001

Discover the ultimate in brewing technology and flexibility.
Fits any manufacturers pots and kegs up to 21” in dia and up to 30gal! Reuse your existing equipment!
Mix & match burners or shelves for each tier to suit your brewing process
Burners/shelves are infinitely adjustable on the t-slot mounting post and can be installed on all 4 faces of the stand!

Please allow 1-3 weeks for delivery, as the Top Tier Base Stand ships directly from the manufacturer via FedEx Ground.


Discover the ultimate in brewing technology and flexibility.
Fits any manufacturers pots and kegs up to 21” in dia and up to 30gal! Reuse your existing equipment!
Mix & match burners or shelves for each tier to suit your brewing process
Burners/shelves are infinitely adjustable on the t-slot mounting post and can be installed on all 4 faces of the stand!
Heavy gauge powder coated steel legs and high strength aluminum mast with t-slot mounting system
Heavy gauge stainless steel burner frame never rusts! And no nasty paint burning fumes!
Stainless steel shelf fits 10gal round coolers and most rectangular coolers
Just getting into brewing? Buy our upgrade-ready floor standing burners now, and they'll bolt right into our stand when you’re ready to upgrade! No need to scrap your old burners!!
Easily mount ancillary equipment to the t-slots in the frame for convenience
Quickly knocks down for storage or transport
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Fun to assemble :-)
I had a blast putting it up and readjusting it exactly as I wanted. Its both functional and looks slick. You get full control, but you have to know what you are doing. If you are experienced, then design it and build it.
March 23, 2014
Just awesome
It might not look like much but I can set up my system exactly how I want it. I can place burners , shelves, pots, pumps, chiller, and just about everything exactly where I want it. I spent a lot of time setting it up, adjusting it, breaking it down and rebuilding it until I had it exactly how I wanted it. Build quality is top notch and it provides a storage place for the equipment too, saving clutter and the need for additional shelving.
January 21, 2014
Pro quality
Because you have complete freedom and control, it takes a while to figure out the optimum layout. I set it up, used it once, then disassembled it and reconfigured it. That takes time but now it's just as a I want it.
November 25, 2013
Be your own boss
I decided to get one after brewing several times with a buddy who has one. Its a real luxury and makes my brew day faster and more fun. Once you have it set up, it almost takes care of itself. I still do cleaning , but I don't have to always move stuff around.
September 29, 2013
complete freedom of design
Its worth the money to get a completely modular stand that I can set up any way I like and change it around any time I feel like. Well constructed and designed, its worth the money to me. It did take me a while to assemble it as I had to figure out a few things, but once assembled, its great.
August 24, 2013
Awesome stand designed just for me
I love how adjustable this is. I can mount everything just as I like, and place pumps exactly where I want them. Great build quality. My friend who is a plumber helped me set it up, and we hooked up a natural gas feed._x000D__x000D_Now I'm in brewing heaven.
June 24, 2013
My new toy!
I was so excited when I got my Top tier. I had spent months planning out the layout. Its very solid, and lets me design my system exactly how I want it. The build quality is excellent. And it completely adjustable. The base is stable, and it's everything I had hoped for.
April 18, 2013
Professional quality
Its expensive but its awesome. It's a one time investment that will out last me, and its a lot of fun too. The youtube video was a huge help. I spend a chunk of time assembling and adjusting it but I finally got it done the way I want it._x000D_
March 21, 2013
Excellent quality
It took me a while to assemble, but when I was done I had a first rate system. Fortunately there are some good how to assemble videos on youtube. The setup costs some coin, but it lets me tailor it to my needs. Overall I am satisfied.
February 18, 2013
Safety was My Primary Objective
I thought about getting this for a while, but it seemed rather expensive by the time you add in the burners, shelf, pump, etc. I have been brewing 5 gallon batches on the kitchen stove or outside on my Cajun Cook burners, but wanted to start doing 10 gallon batches to save time. It's relatively easy and safe to move around pots filled with 5 gal or less of hot liquids, but not so easy once you up the volume with 10 gal. batches. _x000D__x000D_I had a childhood friend get severely disfigured when he got scalded in a brewing accident while his father was brewing beer. It was not something I ever want to happen to me._x000D__x000D_Enter the Top Tier. I got the whole setup - 2 burners, shelf, March pump w/ brackets, Therminator w/ bracket. I also got a 25' copper coil, chill water pre-cooler since I make mostly lagers. My public water supply varies from about 68?�� to 71?�� F. throughout the year, which is not cold enough to get the wort down to the 65?�� - 68?�� F. yeast pitch temperature I need._x000D__x000D_Overall, the quality of the Top Tier equipment is very good. My one complaint about the _x000D_Top Tier base is the low quality of fastener hardware. Half the bolts/nuts for attaching the shelf not did not go together they were so out of tolerance. I've seen this problem a lot recently in products manufactured in China._x000D__x000D_The base unit is incredibly stable once you level the legs and adjust the mast to site firmly on the ground. Once assembled, the whole system makes for a nice clean brew station. The brewing setup on mine is done with a burner at the top level for heating water in my hot liquor tank (HLT). The 10 gal. cooler is next in line "downstream" mounted/placed on the shelf. Then the boiler burner/kettle is placed at the very bottom right before hitting the base leg. The Therminator is located is on the back side of the aluminum mast, between the legs and just a bit lower than the boil burner/kettle. The pump below the Therminator to keep it primed. _x000D__x000D_Everything can work by gravity in this setup. However, the last portion of the brewed wort going into the carboy slows down to a trickle as the liquid levels of the brew kettle and carboy fermentor are nearly equal. I use the pump to maintain a fairly constant flow rate to the fermentor. This keeps the wort cooling consistent._x000D__x000D_One very nice feature of the Top Tier base is it provided storage space for all your pots and coolers. Without the Top Tier, I would have to build more shelves in my garage for storing my brew equipment. Looking at it this way I saved $150 by not having to install shelving. This makes the Top Tier base more affordable._x000D__x000D_Overall, I'm please with the Top Tier base and other components. The burners are so quiet and efficient. They do the same job as my Cajun Cooking burners but a bit faster and so much quieter. I'd say I meet my goal of assembling a relatively safe and efficient brewing station with the use of the Top Tier base. Avoiding a possible trip to the hospital and a lifetime of disfigurement make the cost of the Top Tier a no brainer for me. I highly recommend it. _x000D_
February 11, 2013
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