Why does CO2 keep leaking around my keg lid?

There is a very simple way to fix this. Turn the lid around. Keg lids are more like an egg then an oval. One part is wider than the other, but it can be very difficult to tell. Make sure that you have your regulator turned up to at least to 10 PSI before doing anything. Kegs will not seal unless there is at least 10 PSI forced onto the parts (lid, poppet valves, etc.) If that is not the problem then we need to make sure the lid is on correctly. The nice thing is there is a certain way to tell every time if you have the lid on correctly.

This is the way to tell if you have the lid on correctly:

  • Face the keg with the gas ‘in’ post to your right.
  • Insert lid into opening.
  • Pull lid handle so that it points toward you when sealed.
  • Note: If this does not work take a look at the condition of the o-ring. If it is cracked, or has dips, the lid may not seal correctly. Replace if needed.