How to Use Oak Chips and Oak Cubes

How to Use Oak Chips and Oak CubesA good proportion of oak chips for home use is 3 grams of chips per liter. To use oak chips, sanitize them in a 1 gallon of water with 2 oz of metabisulfite dissolved in it. Let them soak for 20 mins then strain with a sanitizer strainer and add to your wine.

Add oak chips to your wine after it has been racked for bulk aging. Use a glass or a stainless steel container. A handful of chips (about one-quarter cup) is all that is necessary to add complexity to the wine.

While the heavy-toast cubes are recommended for big reds that benefit from a heavy, caramelized oak flavor, they may also be used to supplement the medium-toast cubes for a subtler flavoring. Many of our customers use a blend of French and American cubes, usually using the French cubes in a higher percentage. We have had success blending all three oaks, again using the French in the highest percentage.

Recommended usage is 3 oz. of cubes for every 6 - gallons with a contact time of 4-8 weeks. You should taste your wine two to three days after you have added the oak. Continue until you notice the oak flavor. Then taste on a daily basis.

When your wine has reached the level of oak you wish, rack it off the oak into a clean container.

If you think more or different oak is needed, follow these steps again. Remember, you can always add more oak, but you can't remove oak.

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