How to Force Beer Carbonation

How to force carbonate beer

Steps to Force Carbonate your Beer:

  1. Siphon beer into a sanitized homebrew keg and attach keg lid.
  2. Connect gas line and increase pressure to about 40 psi - double check for leaks!
  3. CO2 dissolves into beer much more easily when the beer is cold, so ideally, place keg with gas line attached into fridge and leave under pressure for about 24 hours.
  4. Adjust pressure down to 20 PSI for 24 hours.
  5. Test carbonation level - turn down regulator pressure to about 10 psi and release excess pressure in keg by lifting the pressure relief valve.
  6. Attach sanitized beer line assembly, pour a beer and enjoy. If more carbonation is needed, turn regulator up to about 20 psi and leave for another 24 hrs.

Additional Resources:

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