Mother SCOBY and Baby SCOBY

First off, Congrats! If your mother SCOBY is healthy, it should produce a brand-new, bouncing baby SCOBY with each batch. That’s a lot of offspring. Here’s how to keep your SCOBY happy and healthy.

Typically, the baby SCOBY forms on the surface of your Kombucha tea, eventually covering it and merging with the mother. You can continue to use this melded mother-baby SCOBY in subsequent batches. But once it grows thicker than 1.5-2 inches thick (somewhere between 2-6 months), you need to separate them in order to keep the proper balance of yeast and bacteria.

To do this, first wash and rinse your hands well. You can even wet them down with a little vinegar or Kombucha starter liquid to keep your SCOBYs extra safe. Then gently peel your SCOBY layers apart. Place your divided SCOBYs in 1 cup of Kombucha starter liquid each. Now you can brew a new batch with both (TWICE as much booch, yay!) or use one to start building your SCOBY Hotel.

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