Peace Coffee - Doing Good, Tasting Great

Coffee…It’s essential. It’s a ritual. For many, it’s the only civilized way to jumpstart our day, our brains and all human interactions. Coffee is everything.

And it’s everywhere. However, not all coffee beans are created, harvested or roasted equal. At best, that can mean a disappointing cup. But there are larger issues at stake…like the livelihood of the farmers who bring us these magic beans, the global economy and, yeah, the very future of the planet.

In other words…a lot is riding on those beans, aside from your ability to function in the morning.

That’s why we partner with the local heroes, revolutionaries and eco-activists at Peace Coffee. Because if you’re going to drink coffee, roast coffee, homebrew with coffee, cook with coffee and pretty much incorporate this elixir into every possible area of your life…Well, you want it to taste great and do as much good as possible.

Peace Coffee never intended to spark a revolution. According to CEO and “Queen Bean” Lee Wallace, at the start, in 1996, they just wanted to find a better way -- better for the beans, for the farmers, for the earth, for the community and for your cup.

Turns out, that better way is – no surprise – more expensive.  But that’s the unexpected upside to Peace Coffee. Wallace realized it doesn’t matter how much good you do…If the coffee doesn’t taste good, no one is going to buy it. So Peace Coffee set out to make coffee so great, it would pay for the good it was doing.

Peace Coffee became the country's first 100% certified organic and fair trade coffee company in 1999. This year, they’re celebrating 20 years of bringing environmentally sound, socially responsible, great-tasting coffee beans to people who care not just about what goes in their cup (or roaster, or brew kettle, or keg) but how it got there.

Sound familiar? Looking for that “better way” is what drives plenty of makers, brewers and home roasters, too.  Ready to give Peace a chance?