RJS Craft Winemaking Brand Refresh

RJS Craft Wine Kits New Packaging

Midwest Supplies is excited to announce the launch of RJS Winemaking’s bold new packaging redesign to Cru International, Cru Select, and En Primeur Winery Series.

New packaging size formats

RJS is introducing new packaging size formats to their core portfolio, to achieve smaller and lighter packaging for customers and end-users. Reducing the overall kit sizes and weights results in improved overall ease of use, transport integrity, and retailer flexibility. During the change over time retailers will receive a mix of old and new packaging. Due to this we can not guarantee which packaging you will receive during the refresh period.

Has the quality of the kits been impacted by the change in size?

RJS is updating their packaging to better represent their key selling propositions of unparalleled quality, strong and varied kit assortment offerings, and connection with our core consumers and enticing a new segment to the wonderful world of craft winemaking. This does not mean that the quality of RJS kits has changed or will change. RJS Winemaking’s quality of juice and components will continue to stand out amongst their products.

Does this affect the yield of the wine?

No. The amount of wine produced from each kit does not change. You will still enjoy the same great craft wine, with uncompromised taste and quality, and the amount of resulting product will not change.

New Packaging

En Premier New Packaging

Cru Select New Packaging

Cru International New Packaging

Elimination of Grand Cru

There was already much overlap in varietal assortment between the Grand Cru and Cru International brands, and our product lines were more complex than required. With the reduction in packing size, both tiers would have been 8L kits, leading to more consumer confusion between the brands. Keeping the consumer experience in mind, RJS made the strategic decision to double down on the higher quality offering.