How to Dispense a Stout such as Guinness

If it is that cool cascading effect you are looking for, you need to do a nitrogen draw. Nitrogenous beers need to be dispensed with a Stout-type faucet, a 25% CO2/75% Nitrogen gas blend and a dispense pressure of 30-40 Lbs.

The unique Stout faucet has a built in stainless steel restriction plate that the beer is forced through creating the distinctive cascading head with these type of beers. This plate breaks the nitrogen out of the beer creating a cascading head on the poured beer. This plate must be left in place and cleaned frequently to remove any buildup that may clog the tiny holes in the plate.

The gas is a 25% CO2/75% Nitrogen gas blend and is commonly referred to as beer gas. Nitrogen or CO2 Cylinders should be purchased locally. Look in your phone book under Gas or Welding supply stores.

You will also need a nitrogen regulator (sku k075).