Winterizing Hops Plants

Hop plants are pretty hardy plants, but some preparation for winter can only help them perform that much better next season.

  1. Cut the entire plant down to 4"-6" above the ground. Don’t worry it will grow back next season.
  2. Loosen up the soil around the plant a little bit to help keep the soil from becoming too compact. Be very careful not to cut into the roots below the soil.
  3. Place straw over the plant to help protect it in the cold weather.
  4. Clean up any left over vines that might still be on the fence, pole, or whatever you used to allow the vines to climb.

That is everything that you need to do to keep you plant healthy and happy during the off season. Even in the harshest Minnesota winters, our plants have come back the next spring. Just follow the steps above and you will be enjoying your own beer hops for many, many years.