What to Know About High-Output Burners

Q: Do I need a high-output burner to brew all-grain?

A: While a high-output burner is not required to brew all-grain, it is highly recommended. The reason is that when brewing all-grain, you are boiling a much higher volume than you would brewing extract. Doing this on your kitchen stove, it will take a very long time for the wort to come to a boil. A high-output burner will allow you to bring the wort to a full boil in a fraction of the time, and also ensures that you get a good, rolling boil.

Q: Can I use a high-output burner indoors?

A: As far as using them indoors, the answer is NO! Midwest recommends NEVER using any propane burner indoors. Always use a propane burner in an open, well-ventilated area.

A high-output burner is a great addition to any home brewery. They are useful for both extract and all-grain brewers, so you’ll never outgrow it. Before choosing a burner, make sure that you have ample room to use it. Consider the rest of your system and make sure that the burner you select will work for you. At Midwest, we care about your safety, so we think it bears mentioning one more time: PLEASE DO NOT USE ANY PROPANE BURNER INDOORS!

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