Wine Making Equipment Kit Upgrades

Our wine making kits are a great place to start making wine at home, but there are a few extra things you’ll need to complete the process. When it’s time to bottle your first batch, you will need 30 wine bottles for your 6 gallon batch of wine. Our winemaking equipment kits come with 30 corks, after you use those you will need more corks.

There are several other optional tools that will help make your winemaking easier, the following is a list of helpful things the home winemakers at Midwest Supplies suggest.

Tools for Fermentation:

Bottle Cleaning and Sanitizing Tools:

  • Bottle Washer- Clean your used bottles with a strong blast of hot water before sanitizing them.
  • Bottle Rinser- Spray sanitizing solutions into your bottles to ensure they are ready to fill with wine.
  • Bottle Drying Trees- These allow your bottles to drip dry so there is no sanitizer left in them when it is time to bottle.
  • Cleaners and Sanitizers- Cleaning and sanitizing all of your wine equipment every time you use it will ensure your wine stays free of contamination and spoilage.

That Finishing Touch: