What equipment do I need to make soda?

Soda making is a great activity to do with the kids. It is very easy to do, and kids get a kick out of helping out. Plus, they actually get to drink what you’ve made this time. All you need is some very basic equipment and you are good to go.


Soda making equipment kit (6.5 gallon bottling bucket, Spoon, Bottle Filler, Tubing)24- 500ml P.E.T. bottles and caps

That is all you need to make soda except for the ingredients, which don’t amount to much either. The ingredients are soda extract (please note that the Sprecher extracts require a kegging system), table sugar, water, and yeast if you are bottling. For those that want to create their own flavor without having to use an extract, a great book on the subject is, Homemade Root Beer Soda and Pop, by Cresswell.