Why should I roast coffee beans at home?

Roasting your own coffee is easy! Whether it's with a Whirley-Pop, air popper, fluid air roaster, or home drum coffee roaster, it's quick and easy to roast high quality beans at home for brewing the best, freshest coffee possible.

  • Roasting your own coffee saves time. No weekly trips to the local coffee shop, roaster, or grocery store for a pound of coffee beans (that may have sat on the shelf for weeks). Green beans can be stored for a year or longer, so you can buy in bulk and always have stock to roast from - and the resulting coffee will still be fresh!

  • Roasting your own coffee saves money. Green coffee beans tend to be cheaper than what you can buy roasted coffee for. This enables you to save the cost of a coffee roaster back in a fairly short amount of time. Keep in mind a pound of green beans will roast down to about 12 oz. of roasted coffee since water gets evaporated off in the roasting process. Even with the loss in weight, you'll have fresh roasted, gourmet coffee beans that are almost certainly cheaper than the gourmet coffee you can buy from a reputable coffee roaster/shop.

  • You'll be drinking fresher, more flavorful coffee. It's already been said a few times. With home roasted coffee, you can be sure it's fresh! There's no guarantee the coffee you buy in a store is fresh. Aromatics and flavor in coffee beans can begin degrading in as few as 5 days. Roast once or twice a week - and you've got fresh coffee available all the time!

  • When you roast your own coffee, you have all sorts of options and variety available to you. When you're roasting your own coffee beans, you have the a wide array of options, such as the degree of roast and the source of the beans. There is a wide variety simply within the origin of the coffee bean. There are many options given all the coffee growers in each of the coffee growing countries and regions within a country. Combine that with various crop years, and various roasts on a particular bean, customizing your own special blends and you have almost limitless options! If you're sick of a particular roast and bean, you can simply change up your roast, blend, or coffee bean from your inventory for brand new java flavors and aromas.

  • Roasting your own coffee is fun! It's a rewarding experience alone in drinking coffee from beans you roasted for the first time. It's also a matter of pride when you can share a flavorful cup of Joe made from fresh roasted beans with a friend - it even makes great, inexpensive home-crafted gifts!