California Pinot Noir Wine Kit - Master Vintner® Sommelier Select®

  • California Pinot Noir Wine Kit box by Master Vintner Sommelier Select

California Pinot Noir Wine Kit - Master Vintner® Sommelier Select®

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Product Details

Garnet with ruby highlights, with aromas of dark cherry, plums and raspberry and a dry finish that comes from lovely, balanced acidity and silky, smooth tannins. Richer in flavour and aroma than the color suggests, it pairs well with richer fish—salmon, or grilled sardines—or soft cheeses.

Additional Information

SKU 42594
Wine Color Red
Wine Style Pinot Noir
Yield 6 Gallons
Food Pairings #N/A
Oak Intensity #N/A

Customer Reviews

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Jessie S.
Too early

I just bottled it so it’s too early to do a fair review. Tastes pretty fruity and young. Should be just fine. I’ll let you know in six months

More robust, darker with fuller flavor

I just bottled this a couple of days ago so it’s really early. Easy to make no issues. I tasted at bottling and was surprised how dark it was. The flavor is rich and full. The commercial Pinot Noir’s I’ve tried are lighter in color and less robust. Looking forward to trying it after it’s had time to age.

Philip S.

California Pinot Noir Wine Kit - Master Vintner Sommelier Select

Brent W.
Mostly Satisfied, with a few critiques

This was a quality wine kit that made a tasty green Pinot I just bottled. However, a kit of this price could have included a skin pack or additional tannin. I’m still waiting to see how it opens up after bottle aging a bit, but for the price I would’ve just liked to see a little more depth and complexity to the kit. Overall, I would still recommend this kit, but with the premium description, it did leave me wanting a bit more.

Stacey C.
Great all around wine

This is my fourth Pinot, but the first time I'd upgraded to the "Ca Pinot". They're both great, but this one is step up. Great all around wine... very tasty at bottling and amazing after just a couple of months. Will buy again!