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Crisp Chevallier Malt is a heritage barley variety combined with a traditional malting method and modern quality control. A mainstay of English barley production in the 19th century and an ancestor of many modern varieties, Chevallier has made a comeback thanks to increased interest in heritage malts. It has a robust maltiness, like a Maris Otter turned up to eleven, with a rich marmalade character and a long aftertaste. In new make spirit for whisky, its malt bursts through.

Crisp Chevallier is characterized by a warm, cracker, and biscuit aroma with a full flavor. Compared to many other modern barleys its aroma and flavor are quite pronounced. Suitable for any malt-forward ale, or where increased malt character is needed to balance a high hop load.

Chevallier was the first true malting barley variety first selected in the 1820’s and has been brought back to commercial production by Crisp Malting Group.

More about Chevallier Malt:

At Goose Island, Mike Siegel, head of Brewing Innovation, decided the malt would be a great candidate to be showcased via their new two-barrel system at their Fulton Street Brewery in Chicago, IL with an English Dark Mild. At 3.7% ABV, the beer showed o the malt character and was true to tradition and style; making it a great showcase for Chevallier.

The team at Sierra Nevada settled on an English style - ESB. A 100% Chevallier congress mash revealed aromas of mild sweetness, chocolate milk, honey, and other pleasant attributes along with tastes that mirrored some of the aromas with an overall mellow sweetness.


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W090I - Unmilled
C090I - Crushed
G090K - 55lb Sack Unmilled

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Grain Usage

Up to 100%

Grain Type International Base Malt
Malt Color Light (0-15° L)

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