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  • Distilling Malt - Root Shoot Malting
Distilling Malt - Root Shoot Malting Root Shoot Malting's Sign Man in a barley field at Root Shoot Malting Close up of Genie Barley Grain silos at Root Shoot Malting Inside of Root Shoot Malting Facility

Distilling Malt - Root Shoot Malting




Product Details

Root Shoot Malting Distiller's Malt

Root Shoot Malting's Distilling has high diastatic power and low kiln temperatures. Enzymatic malt is perfect for distilling. Root Shoot Malts are crafted to highlight the individual characteristics and terroir of their Loveland CO-grown grains.

More about Root Shoot Malting:

The Olander family is deeply grounded and invested in Northern Colorado. Todd and Steve Olander, owners of Olander Farms, cultivated Root Shoot Malting to specialize in the highest quality of local grain and craft malt available to the brewing and distilling industries. As 5th generation farmers in Loveland, Colorado, we respect the heritage of our region’s agriculture. As partners in the beer industry, we value the high standards of being in one of America’s most esteemed locations for craft beer. Each and every bag is hand-packaged at their craft malthouse.

More about Root Shoot Malting Distilling:

Root Shoot Malting grows and malts AMBA-approved LCS barley variety Genie. Genie is quickly becoming a preferred Spring 2-Row barley option for all-malt styles for beer across the US, with a malting profile tailored for the craft industry. It has naturally lower levels of protein, offering farmers an opportunity to push yields while still landing safely within specifications.

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W105I - 1lb Unmilled
C105I - 1lb Crushed
G105K - 50lb Sack Unmilled

Diastatic Power


Extract Percentage

80.8% Fine Grind

Moisture Percentage


Soluble Total Protien


Grain Usage

Up to 100%

Grain Type Domestic Base Malt
Alpha Amylase


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