Green Widow™ Hop Spider

  • Green Widow™ Hop Spider
Green Widow™ Hop Spider Close-up of the Green Widow™ Hop Spider's handle

Green Widow™ Hop Spider

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Sludge in your boil kettle is now a thing of the past. The Green Widow™ hop spider allows for massive hop additions spices, herbs, or anything else you can imagine adding to the boil. Integrated hooks allow the Green Widow™ to hang over the edge of your kettle into the wort. The rubberized handle makes for easy removal and doubles as a hanger for storage. Constructed with a tough stainless steel frame and heavy duty 400 micron stainless steel mesh, the Green Widow™ will stand up to even the hoppiest IPA.
  • 400 micron stainless steel mesh will keep hop trub and other kettle additions out of the final wort.
  • Rubberized insulating handle for protection from heat.
  • 14” tall by 6” diameter basket size - perfect size for circulation.
  • Built in hooks to hang on the kettle edge.
  • Capacity volume of 1 Ib. pellet hops.

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Customer Reviews

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Robert W.
Worked great

I bought this and the cloth filter that goes inside it to filter the sludge from pellet hops additions to my boil kettle because they were clogging up my exit spigot and therminator counter flow plate chiller. It worked great. There are some concerns that it will reduce hops utilization so I just added a handful more than called for. I recommend it!

Sean G.
Always pleased

Everything arrived on time and they responded to my questions promptly and courteously. Ordering from Midwest is so effortless. Love them

Sam C.
Excellent hop spider!

This is a great addition to my brew kettle! I am able to add not only my hops in the later stages of the wort boil, but I also use this excellent tool to boil the crushed grains get things started. The fine mesh allows me to keep all but the very smallest particles out of the fermenter. I've used it in several beaches so far, and it has been extremely helpful!

John H.
Green Widow Hop Spider

Works great for keeping hops out of your boiling wort. Sometimes hard to stir around depending on your brew equipment. Difficult to clean every speck of grain or hop off of it.

Peggy W.

This was a gift I gave from a wish list. Hope it is just what they hoped for.