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Omega Yeast OYL-004 - West Coast Ale I




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Clean, crisp flavor characteristics with low fruitiness and mild ester production. A very versatile yeast for styles that desire dominant malt and hop character. This proven performer from California has become a very popular "house" strain. May yield citrus notes with cooler 60-66°F fermentations. Use for pale ales, IPA's, cream ales, or other american styles.

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David T.
Am I a microbiologist?

Am I a microbiologist? No but I am a homebrewer engineer. When I ask Omega yeast to hit my high American IPA-level wort sugars to get hit the final gravities, they have the same quality flavor profile and it does it consistently every time like clockwork. They consistently provide the number of yeast cells and longevity you’d expect from the latest science and technology. Yes, you can use dry yeast and starters but these West Coast Ale Omega yeast cells are ready to annihilate any sugar opposition, despite the odds, and make your brew taste amazing with their consistent precision. Omega yeast has very few equals.

T N.
Oyl-004 West Coast yeast

I am a true fan of all the varieties of the OLY yeast family. I always make a yeast starter. When I pitch the yeast, active fermentation is typically 3-4 hours.
The OLY-004 yeast was no exception. This yeast provided the catalyst for a very successful clean & crisp finished ale. This yeast was used on the SIERRA MADRE PALE ALE. I would recommend it’s use on this to anyone.

Adrian B.
Great yeast

Slight dry super crisp.

Jack Y.
Omega yeast

It fermented my brew the first day. Can’t wait to drink it.

One of my best

Been brewing beer for five years now. Made some good beers, made some just ok beers, and made one bad beer. Then I got this recipe kit and the West Coast Ale yeast. This has created my favorite beer to date. Gonna just keep making it this year.