Wyeast 3068 Weihenstephan Weizen Yeast

  • Wyeast 3068 Weihenstephan Weizen Yeast pouch
Wyeast 3068 Weihenstephan Weizen Yeast pouch Activited Wyeast Smack Pack

Wyeast 3068 Weihenstephan Weizen Yeast

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Product Details

Classic German wheat beer yeast, used by more German brewers than any other strain. Dominated by banana ester production, phenols and clove-like characteristics. Extremely attenuative yeast, which produces a tart, refreshing finish. Yeast remains in suspension readily with proteinaceous wheat malt. Sometimes used in conjunction with lager yeast and kraeusened to finish the beer and improve the overall dryness. High CO2 levels, typically at 2.7 - 3.2 volumes is desirable for best presentation. This strain is a true top cropping yeast requiring full fermenter headspace of 33%. Increasing pitch rates will reduce ester production. Activator packs do not require the use of a yeast starter.

  • Pure pitchable yeast for brewing

  • Contains 100 billion yeast cells

  • Designed to directly inoculate 5 gallons of wort

  • Contains 125 mls (4.25 oz. or 128 grams) liquid yeast & malt-based nutrient blend

Styles: Dunkelweizen, Fruit Beer, German Hefe-Weizen, Roggenbier (German Rye Beer), Weizen/Weissbier, Weizenbock

Keep refrigerated. Do not freeze.

Additional Information

SKU Y3068
Yeast Style Wheat Ale
Yeast Format Liquid
Flocculation Low
Min Attenuation 73
Max Attenuation 77
Min Fermenting Temp 64
Max Fermenting Temp 75

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Rob C.
Wyeast 3068 purchase

The yeast is much better than last years' 😉. Please find a way to be able to pick up a will call when you move to online only. I would be happy to pick up my order from your warehouse to save on shipping especially on bags of grain. Cheers 🍺 🍻

Scott F.
Smack pack 3068

Made yeast starter, made two 5 gallon batches of Hefeweizen both fermenting with rigor!

kurt w.
Wyeast 3068 for Wiezenbock

Using this yeast and fermenting at 62 degrees gave and amazing flavor balance between banana and clove. So much so, I brewed another batch on same yeast just to get the same flavor. Awesome..go get some!

Paul S.
Wyeast 3068 Weihenstephan Weizen Yeast

Great fermentation. Nice classic weizen yeast that makes an excellent hefeweizen.

Love it!

I have made Heffeweisen a few times and never really liked any I made until I tried this kit. Very good.