New 3 Gallon Ball Lock Keg

  • New 3-gallon ball lock keg

New 3 Gallon Ball Lock Keg

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This 3 Gallon New Cornelius Keg is great for splitting batches of beer or soda between keg and bottles, or simply small batches. The smaller size makes your homebrew and soda much more portable in keg form for parties, picnics, etc.

Note: These kegs are only available with a single metal handle.

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SKU 40374

Customer Reviews

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Shawn R.
Nice travel size

I picked up two for taking some home brew out to share at some events. Worked great! I’m planning on obtaining or building a better cooler set up than the old Coleman I used with the first “traveling with beer” trip to my nieces wedding and I’m looking forward to sharing more of the good stuff.

Tim f.H.
Good purchase

This size works well for my needs. I make 5-gallon batches, and I like to put half in bottles and the other half in this size keg. The only reason I gave this a 4 rather than a 5-star rating is that the first one I bought a few years ago had something wrong with the threads on one of the posts, such that the post could not be removed (no matter how much torque my friend and I applied). Unfortunately, I did not find that out until the warranty was well past. Also unfortunately, our attempts made the post unsealable by retightening, so the keg was scrap at that point. My recommendation when purchasing this and any keg is to remove the posts when first purchased, for inspection and to make sure they can come off for cleaning and be reinstalled properly.

Bruce B.
3 Gallons - Exactly

No head space on this little gem. The lid will only go on one way. Those two things make getting the lid installed tricky when filled with 3 gallons of liquid.
One other thing: Even thought I knew from the picture that rubber is only on the bottom, getting into and out of my keezer means a bit more caution needs to be taken than for my 5 gallon kegs which have rubber on top as well as bottom.

Great size

Love the shorter height of this keg for my keezer. I am able to fit the keg on the shelf of my keezer without having to add a ton of height. Also works well as I like to brew 8 gallon batches now. The smaller keg size also is helpful for taking beer to parties. If in doubt buy one!

Yeah Baby

These small kegs are great for small batches, fitting lots of different beers into your kegerator or kezzer, or just for bringing to parties.