Fast Pitch Yeast Starter Kit - 1000 mL

  • Fast Pitch canned worts alongside a 1-liter flask

Fast Pitch Yeast Starter Kit - 1000 mL

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Yeast starters are essential to making bigger, boozier beer with better flavor and fermentation. We've revamped our yeast starter kit to include Fast Pitch®, the first-ever canned wort. Go straight from can to flask and eliminate waiting, extra equipment, clean-up, and risk of contamination. No boiling, no DME. From start to finish in under 5 minutes, the Fast Pitch® Yeast Starter Kit is as easy as pour, pitch, propagate!

Kit Includes:
  • Fast Pitch® Canned Wort (4-Pack)
  • 1000mL Flask & Stopper
  • Complete Instructions

Fast Pitch® Instructions:

Use one can of Fast Pitch® for each liter of starter wort. Sanitize everything--flask, stopper, top of each can of Fast Pitch®, and yeast packet. Pour Fast Pitch® directly into your flask. Add 16 oz. water to the flask for each can of Fast Pitch®. Swirl to mix. Add yeast and cover with sanitized stopper. Stir regularly for the next 24 hours, or use a stir plate for best results. Fast Pitch® already contains yeast nutrient too. Damn that was fast!

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Customer Reviews

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Joseph T.
Very Happy With My Purchase

Before buying this kit, I had never used a yeast starter. I just pitched my dry yeast directly from the package into my fermenter. My first batch pitched with this kit, I noticed fermentation in less than 12 hours. Fermentation only took 3 days, compared to 5 to 6. I highly recommend this kit!

Robert K.
Great Kit to upgrade to

Being a novice to making brews and learning about yeast starters, I find this product a great upgrade.