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Midwest Supplies Email Gift Card

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Sent directly to your recipients' email address, Email Gift Cards arrive within hours of purchase and your order confirmation is sent as soon as the order is processed.

A gift that lasts forever, our gift cards have no fees and never expire. Easy to use, cards are redeemable online, in-store or by phone.

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All OK

Received gift cards. Although they were late you made it right and that is appreciated. Thank you.

Can no longer send $25 gift card : (

Midwest Supplies has changed hands. My attempt to purchase a $25 gift card was made very frustrating by this fact. The Holiday Season is not the time to discover that what you thought would be a simple process is not. Once re-established with the new site owners I assumed I would be able to proceed as usual. Not so. Gift cards are now only available in $10 increments. I act as my elderly Mother's agent. She wants to have at least a token gift for everyone she sees during the holidays and since she rarely shops anymore gift cards are the gift of choice. As she buys for 40 she tries to keep to a $25 budget. Being forced to decide between $20 or $30 was an annoyance. She ended up spending $30 because she didn't want to appear cheap. With innumerable sources for gift cards available I think the more flexible a given business is the more satisfied the customer will be and the more likely to return to that business. That said the brewer's in our family are very enthusiastic about Midwest Supplies products and we are very enthusiastic about the brewer's products. A gift card from Midwest Supplies can honestly be described as the Gift that Keeps on Giving

My husband's favorite Christmas gift.

I have given my husband a Midwest Supplies gift card each of the past several years. He loves brewing in the winter and orders the ingredients and supplies of his choosing. I like to option to e-deliver the certificate and set the date is gets sent.

Great service

After I paid for the gift certificate for my son, I changed my mind as to when I wanted it sent. It was easy to contact you and change the date?