Anti-gravity Transfer Pump Kit

  • Anti-gravity Transfer Pump Kit
Anti-gravity Transfer Pump Kit Anti-gravity Transfer Pump Kit Anti-gravity Transfer Pump Kit

Anti-gravity Transfer Pump Kit

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Ditch the auto-siphon and defy gravity: the Anti-Gravity Transfer Pump Kit is a bite-sized package that revolutionizes your brewery’s efficiency. Forget about lifting heavy kegs and carboys. This kit, complete with self-priming pump, tubing, and a premium stainless steel racking cane, lets you simply flip a switch to move any liquid imaginable from one vessel to another. Sit back, relax, have a beer, and watch the magic happen.

Transfer from primary to secondary, conical to keg, carboy to barrel - the possibilities are endless!

We realize you won't be able to actually defy gravity, but this little pump has some incredible lifting abilities that allow you to send your beverages from the floor up to your awaiting vessel.


  • Barbed and threaded inlet/outlet connections with integrated locking tubing collars
  • Max Flow: 1 GPM
  • Self-Priming
  • Suction Ability: 5 Feet
  • In-line Switch 8 ft. Cord
  • Max Lift: 150 Feet
  • Food Safe Head
  • Temp Rating: up to 140 degrees F
  • Voltage: 12v (Adapter included)
  • Weight: 3.25lb
  • Integrated dampening mounting feet

Includes: Anti-Gravity Transfer Pump, 24” Stainless Steel Racking Cane, and 10’ 5/16” ID Tubing

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SKU 42695

Customer Reviews

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works fantastic

This works so much better than the manual one that we tried at first.

transfer pump

Sometimes difficult to keep primed

Great Product

This pump has reduced the amount of residue during racking process, made a huge difference. It does struggle if you try to pump from the floor to a higher elevation, but I was probably pushing the limits on the head pressure.

A real back saver.

A little cumbersome with the tubing etc, but works well, and saves the back a lot of work. I would recommend if you are getting tired of moving carboys around.

Wasn't good for me

The product worked well but I have always used the half inch siphon for transferring wine to the carboy. The transfer pump is 3/8 inch and therefore is slower than what I am doing. It is also noisier. It's a good product, just not for me.