Big Mouth Bubbler® Depth Charge® - Dry Hop Filter

  • Big Mouth Bubbler® Depth Charge™ within a big mouth bubbler
Big Mouth Bubbler® Depth Charge™ within a big mouth bubbler The depth charge's parts on display

Big Mouth Bubbler® Depth Charge® - Dry Hop Filter

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Unleash an explosion of flavors into your homebrew or homemade wine with the Depth Charge® Stainless Steel Infuser (Patent Pending) for Big Mouth Bubbler®. Easy to clean and sanitize, the stainless steel mesh delivers a blast of dry hops, fruit, oak chips, or spices directly into your beer or wine while minimizing the mess. Easily control flavorings to maximize their punch, without the risk of over-extraction. The Depth Charge is a great addition to the Big Mouth Bubbler® lineup. And it's designed for both plastic and glass. Drop the Depth Charge™ into your next batch.

Note: Big Mouth Bubbler® fermenter is NOT included.

The unique design allows the mesh basket to be removed at any time, perfect for creating a custom flavor schedule and the removal of nearly all trub material before racking. Never worry about floating specks in your bottles or clogged keg dip tubes ever again. A custom punch-down tool enables regular agitation of the flavorings and helps squeeze every tasty drop from the infuser, without disturbing the rest of the batch.

  • Less wasted beer and wine.
  • More flavor and experimentation.
  • Any infusion you can think of.

Dimensions: Lid Port: 3.46" Screen Dimensions: 3.875" OD, 14.5" H, 300 Micron mesh, 316 Stainless Steel Max capacity 2oz of whole leaf hops

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The Depth Charge is compatible with Big Mouth Bubbler® Plastic, EVO2 Glass Big Mouth Bubbler®, and the first generation 6.5 Gallon Glass Big Mouth Bubbler®. It is not compatible with the first generation 5 Gallon Glass Big Mouth Bubbler®. 

Customer Reviews

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Big Mouth Bubbler® Depth Charge

Works Well. Just did a double NEIPA and it was pretty easy to add all the extra dry hop additions.had an issue with keeping the top on securely due to a vigorous fermentation. I had to keep pressing the lid back down. I like the spigot for transferring wort to a keg. I added a silicone hose.

Great product

The depth charge is a great way to add hops and other flavors to your brew and keeping it contained in the process

David C.
Big Mouth Bubbler Depth charge single port solution

I have this great dry hop device. But it only has a single port for only one use, either air lock or temperature monitoring. So I was able to come up with a solution to this situation. You get yourself a plastic “y” connector and a flexible temp probe. You place the y in the bunstopper and place the stopper in the single port hole. On one of the y arms you place the air lock and the other arm you thread the flexible temp probe through to the wort . Plug in your temp probe to your monitor and Walla you have airlock / temp monitor/control problem solved.

John C.H.
Totally Awesome

This may be the best beer equipment I've ever purchased. Absolutely ideal for dry hopping and barrel aging. No mess, no residue, only awesome beer.

Thomas R.M.
Big Mouth depth charge review

Works well for dry hops and is easy to clean.