Italian Nebbiolo Wine Kit - Master Vintner Sommelier Select

  • Italian Nebbiolo Wine Kit box by Master Vintner Sommelier Select

Italian Nebbiolo Wine Kit - Master Vintner Sommelier Select

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The mineral-rich marl soil of Italy's Piedmont produces grapes ripe, red fruit with deep ruby red color and a scent of rose petals.

When drunk young it shows dry, spicy notes and endless red berries. With cellaring the Italians say that it is 'like drinking velvet', for its polished, integrated tannins. 

Yield: 6 Gallons

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SKU 43159
Wine Color Red
Wine Style Other Red
Wine Region Italy
Yield 6 Gallons
Food Pairings #N/A
Oak Intensity #N/A

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Sommelier select Nebbiolo

This Nebbiolo is progressing nicely, at my first tasted I loved Nebbiolo, it is a unusual red wine but lovely, even young it taste good, I'll be doing periodic taste testing but hope to have most survive so i can drink it at its best

Let it age a little

I have made this wine before always with good results. It gets better with aging.a year later

mesh bags

I love these kits, but it seems short sighted to not include a 3 cent disposable mesh bag for the grape skins or raisins. so inconvenient.


Italian Nebbiolo Wine Kit - Master Vintner Sommelier Select

Nebbiolo my favorite wine

I was trying different types of wine when I began winemaking the second time. When I first started I made only fruit wine with local fruits, then I tried a kit which turned out to be quite easy. Ordering the lower cost kits made good wine and Nebbiolo was my first expensive ($175.00 versus $70.00) kit. It included grape skins, raisins and oak chips a little more work. The finished product was WOW, smooth with great flavor. My friends loved it so much they looked in the stores for this wine and couldn't find Nebbiolo. This resulted in friends showing up regularly to visit and having wine on the deck. I have made Nebbiolo with $100, $150 and the $175 kits and they taste very close. The more expensive kits have some subtle flavor differences but the initial taste is the same. Nebbiolo is a must try for any home winemaker. Just a note, I found using purified water (5 gallon jug) from our local water softener store the flavors in the wine are so much better. A tip I got from another home winemaker.