Cold Crank®: Small Immersion Chiller

  • The Cold Crank™ Copper Wort Chiller fully assembled

Cold Crank®: Small Immersion Chiller

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Ready to give your biggest brew day chore the cold shoulder? Chill your wort down in a flash with the NEW Cold Crank™ immersion chiller.

The Cold Crank™ immersion chiller is easier and way more effective than an ice bath. Efficient and way more affordable than big-ticket versions. We ditched all the frills and designed a no-nonsense wort chiller that’s compact, easy to use and incredibly durable because it's crafted from the same quality materials as the big guys. Plus, it’s engineered for mobility, allowing you to stir your wort as you chill it for even faster results.

So skip the ice bath and crank your brew game up a notch with Cold Crank™ immersion chiller.

Minimal effort. Minimal expense. Maximum return.


  • The Coil: 8.5" Tall, 4.5" Wide, 2" Deep
  • Top to Bottom: 21.5"
  • 13 Feet of Copper Tubing

Some assembly required. A flat head screwdriver or 1/4" wrench will be needed.

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SKU 43145

Customer Reviews

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Cynthia S.

Cold Crank®: Small Immersion Chiller

Neal K.
Excellent Budget Chiller

No frills but quite well made. I live in an area with cold tap water year round so it chills my wort very quickly. The supply and return hoses are long enough to work 3-4’ from the faucet and the cycle style foam grip makes it wash to handle w/o grabbing the bare copper lines that would be hot and cold. Excellent purchase.

Joe R.
Works great and has surprise benefit

The night before brew day they called for 25 degrees, so I filled a 50 gallon barrel with water the day before brew day. I also attached a 256gallon/hour fountain pump the chiller. On brew day ,using the literally ice cold water form the barrel, I got 3 gallons of wort below 100F in less than 10 minutes.

The added bonus is it worked great for aerating the wort. Much faster and easier than dumping between buckets or using the wine degasser whip. just simply plunging the chiller up and down in the wort for a minute or two.

Helpful tool!

For someone like me, this was a nice addition to my brewing collection. I'm very much a novice Brewer, and don't find the time I'd like to dedicate towards brewing, but this chiller did a fine job cooling the first couple batches of wort. I can't compare it to other chillers, but it definitely helped my brewing process along. No issues with it, and works well, and price seems fair. 5 stars.

Chris F.

Works well