Party Star Deluxe Tap System

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Party Star Deluxe Tap System

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This system is perfect for the person who doesn't want to dedicate a refrigerator to a full size keg system.

Simply prime your beer with 3 oz. of priming sugar, transfer into the mini keg, and in 2 -3 weeks you are ready to drink. Four 5L mini kegs is all you need for one batch of beer. You use 16 gm. CO2 cartridges to dispense the beer, but they cannot be used to carbonate the beer. Because you are using CO2, a keg will stay fresh for up to 5 - 6 weeks. You will need 1 CO2 cartridge per keg. Each mini keg will last for 6 - 8 uses before needing to be replaced.

The Party Star Deluxe Tap System Includes:

  • Party Star Deluxe Tapper
  • 4- 1.33 gallon mini kegs
  • 4- reusable rubber bungs
  • 6 - 16 gram CO2 cartridges (1 per keg use).

Additional Information

SKU 8120

Please note: These kegs make a long journey from Germany and as a result, many arrive with small dents. These are of no cause for concern and do not affect the functionality in any way. Thanks for your understanding!

This product is only eligible for ground shipment within the contiguous United States.

Customer Reviews

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Alan G.
Mini Keg

Secondary fermentation using specified amount of sugar was fine in 3 of 4 of these but the 4th got distorted. All in same environment in Garage temp range 50-75 Farenheit. See jpg attached to other email.

Rich C.

Excellent company, products are as described and delivered quickly and packed well. Top recommendation.for this company.

Daniel R.
Practical Solution

I like this system. It is less expensive that the larger kegging systems, the keg fits easily on your refrigerator shelf, and the equipment is simple and easy to clean. Fills a nice void between bottling and going all out for a larger system.

Trevor T.

I got this as a gift. My biggest problem is that all the CO2 leaks out if you put the whole system in the fridge. I get one pour then come back the next night and all CO2 is gone. Not sure if there is a trick to get this to work but as of right now I go through cartridges quick.

Louis J.
Better than before

I once owned the same kind of CO2 assisted tap for 5L kegs back in the 90's and I loved it. Today's unit is superior in several ways. First the overall construction is more substantial, with better and denser materiel, should significantly increase the life of the tap. Also the upgrade from 12 gram powerlets to 16 gram means better performance over several uses. Finally - the ability to turn the gas flow down to completely off allows you to switch the tap out to a new keg while maintaining the remains of the unused CO2 gas for the next can.

Be sure to get some lube to treat the dip tube and gaskets and prolong their service lives.

Cons: Well the 16 gram powerlets are a bit hard to find and somewhat more expensive, but you can find ways around this with some internet searching. (one guy has found a way to use the more common 12 gram cylinders!)

Overall for me it is a superior way to Keg and Serve my homebrew without going all in on a commercial keg setup.