Plastic Wine Fermenter w/ Lid 7.9 Gal Master Vintner

  • Plastic Wine Fermenter w/ Lid 7.9 Gal Master Vintner
Plastic Wine Fermenter w/ Lid 7.9 Gal Master Vintner Side View with Volume Markings 7.9 Gallon Fermenting Bucket Lid

Plastic Wine Fermenter w/ Lid 7.9 Gal Master Vintner

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The Master Vintner 7.9 Gallon Fermenting Bucket is the perfect primary fermentor for making wine, mead or cider. The additional head space you get from this fermentor makes for healthier yeast, a stronger fermentation, and ultimately a better beverage.

Volume graduation marks are printed on the exterior of the vessel for simplified measuring, and the lid comes with a rubber grommet to help hold your airlock securely in place.

NOTE: This fermenter is particularly important if you're making a Master Vintner wine recipe kit with skins due to the additional space the skins take up.

Pick up an extra fermenter and efficiently make two or more batches at once. This heavy-duty plastic fermenter is ideal for making wine, mead, or cider.

  • 7.9 Gallon Capacity Master Vintner Fermentor

  • Food Grade Plastic

  • Pre-drilled gasketed lid

  • Rubber grommet installed for easy airlock insertion

  • Exterior marks measure to 5 gallons, with the 6 gallons indicated with interior ridge

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SKU MW-7135

Customer Reviews

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Fermenter looks great!

After researching different wine kits online, I decided to try one involving the grape skins, which appear to require a larger fermenter than my standard 6 gallon.
I haven't started the wine kit yet but this fermenter will certainly fulfill the job.

7.9 fermenter bucket with lid

This one is heavier duty compared to some others out there. The lid is easily snapped on and easy to remove due to the lids outer edge/rim is flexible making nice to remove without too much effect. I like that. Handel and its attachment seem built to last. I like it too much. Get this one for only a few dimes more. In the long run it is worth it in my opinion


I purchased this model hoping the lid would be better than the Midwest model I bought a couple of years ago. It wasn’t. Lid was extremely difficult to put on/take off. I picked the Vitner version because the one I got 8? years ago worked very well.

7.9 gallon pail

Sorry, but won't be using the Paula until next year. They look like they will do the job however.


Works great. We should have bought the larger primaries at the beginning.