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For decades, Northern Brewer has led the way when it comes to testing and developing groundbreaking homebrew beer recipe kits. So we’re understandably proud to be able to offer our customers a specially-curated collection of Northern Brewer recipe kits.

Home brewing beer is easy with these Extract Beer Recipe Kits, All Grain Beer Recipe Kits, and 1 Gallon Beer Recipe Kits

Most beginners start with extract beer recipe kits because they take less time and have fewer steps. All grain brewing offers new techniques, new ingredients, and more control over the brewing process. Perhaps you'd like to replicate your favorite beer...for this we've created a line of clone beer recipe kits.

Each 5 gallon beer recipe kit yields 48-52 12 oz bottles of beer and 1 gallon kits yield 9-10 bottles.

If you're unsure of when to brew what beer, see our Home Brewing Calendar for ideas.