1 Gallon Glass Growler or Jug

  • 1-Gallon Glass jug

1 Gallon Glass Growler or Jug

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Product Details

Ferment small batches of fruit wine or home brewed beer with this clear glass 1-gallon jug (carboy). Ideal as a secondary fermentor, this 1 gallon fermentor is odor-free and perfect for homebrewing. Take your homebrewing journey to the next level and use these 1 gallon jugs to split up a batch of beer and experiment with different dry hops, fruit essences, and other flavor additions.

  • Heavy-duty glass with carrying loop
  • 1-gallon capacity
  • Seal with a #6 rubber stopper (sold separately)
  • Does not include cap

Additional Information

SKU 7009

This is the same 1 gallon jug that comes with the Master Vintner® Fresh Harvest® Fruit Winemaking Kit and the Master Vintner® Small Batch Wine Making Starter Kit for secondary fermentation.

Customer Reviews

Based on 126 reviews
John S.
Great Gallon Jugs!

I used them to get 4 gallons of Hot Springs mineral water. Lids ordered are secure and tight. No leakage whatsoever. Will be buying these again.

The F.s.
Very convenient

This is a jug to keep my reverse osmosis water handy for the whole day.

gary l.

great jugs, making wine in them now

Olivier R.
Nice jugs

Should include the caps though

Kristen M.
More flexibility for my mead

These work great. I'm so happy I made this purchase. I purchased these growlers to give me the ability to more easily move my mead batch, give me the option to add flavors, and free my 6 gallon brewing barrel if/when I want to make a new batch. Since I plan to age for many months, I don't know when they might be. I moved my batches this morning since we're doing plumbing work near where I was storing my growlers. Easy as pie to move it to a safe location.