Cabernet Sauvignon Small Batch Wine Kit - Winexpert Classic 1 Gallon Kit

  • Cabernet Sauvignon Small Batch Wine Kit - Winexpert Classic 1 Gallon Kit

Cabernet Sauvignon Small Batch Wine Kit - Winexpert Classic 1 Gallon Kit

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The Cabernet Sauvignon small batch wine recipe kit from Winexpert contains all the ingredients you need to make 1 Gallon of high quality wine. Grapes are carefully selected for their quality, crushed, and packaged into this kit.

These Cabernet Sauvignon grapes are harvested from California, one of the top producing regions in the world, and chosen to create a medium-full bodied wine with layers of currants, blackberry, and dark fruits.

Yields: 1 Gallon of Wine (approx. 5 Bottles)

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Customer Reviews

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Small batch Cabernet

This is the second small batch Cabernet that I've purchased. The first turned out so well I ordered another. I havent made the second yet. I have been a home brewer for many years but had never made wine. I was really impressed on how easy the kit made it for me and how well it turned out.

One gallon wine kit

I ordered the one gallon kits because there was no 6 gallon kits available. We do like the wine expert Cabernet.

Small batch

Great wine

Great results

This Cabernet Sauvignon was the third batch I made. I’m glad I decided to make one gallon batches, rather than huge amounts, but now that it’s done, I wish there were more bottles. This kit has some oak sawdust, which has been toasted, to impart some of the vanilla, oaky flavor of barrel storage. I had some minor issues with quantity, maybe not topping up enough, minor loss due to all the sediment and a little trouble with my siphon getting clogged while transferring. So I only got four bottles, rather than the expected five. I tried the first bottle last night and was pleasantly surprised. My first two batches turned out really well, so I expected this to be good. So I’m happy because it was really, really good: Flavorful, powerful, well-rounded, easy to drink and paired well with the meal. Highly recommended and I’ll be making another batch soon!

First attempt

This is my first attempt at wine. Kit was complete and easy to make.In the final stage of clearing before bottling and it tastes good. Better than 2 Buck Chuck. Don’t know if it’s better than the 8-10 dollar stuff; time will tell.