Wyeast 3068 Weihenstephan Weizen Yeast

  • Wyeast 3068 Weihenstephan Weizen Yeast

Wyeast 3068 Weihenstephan Weizen Yeast

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Classic German wheat beer yeast, used by more German brewers than any other strain. Dominated by banana ester production, phenols and clove-like characteristics. Extremely attenuative yeast, which produces a tart, refreshing finish. Yeast remains in suspension readily with proteinaceous wheat malt. Sometimes used in conjunction with lager yeast and kraeusened to finish the beer and improve the overall dryness. High CO2 levels, typically at 2.7 - 3.2 volumes is desirable for best presentation. This strain is a true top cropping yeast requiring full fermenter headspace of 33%. Increasing pitch rates will reduce ester production. Activator packs do not require the use of a yeast starter.
  • Pure pitchable yeast for brewing
  • Contains 100 billion yeast cells
  • Designed to directly inoculate 5 gallons of wort
  • Contains 125 mls (4.25 oz. or 128 grams) liquid yeast & malt-based nutrient blend
Styles: Dunkelweizen, Fruit Beer, German Hefe-Weizen, Roggenbier (German Rye Beer), Weizen/Weissbier, Weizenbock Keep refrigerated. Do not freeze.

Additional Information

SKU Y3068
Yeast Style Wheat Ale
Yeast Format Liquid
Flocculation Low
Min Attenuation 73
Max Attenuation 77
Min Fermenting Temp 64
Max Fermenting Temp 75

Customer Reviews

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Wyeast 3068

It steeped really well prior to pitching. Give me 6 weeks before flavor but so far 2 week fermentation looks really good.

Best Yeast

Hands down the best yeast for Hefeweizen!

Great hefeweizen yeast

The wife loves a hefeweizen with pronounced banana and this yeast does the trick at 67F. Vigorous fermentation and drops fast as well. Just need a good head space for a generous krausen. It will also produce mostly clove at 62F, so it is versatile in this respect.


Fermented at room temp in my cellar (72 F). I'd heard the yeast is a climber so I used a 7 gallon fermentor... and it still pushed through the airlock. Switched to a blowoff and it blew the cork out. Finally relented and just put a chessecloth over the top and let it bubble out the top. Granted, my recipe used a pound of turbinado sugar, but you are forewarned. That said, flavor is classic banana and pear with minimal to no clove; exactly what I was looking for.

Hell yea hefe

I've used this year several times over the years. It's never let me down on making one of the best German Hefeweizen I've ever had. You will need a blow off house for the first few days of fermentation unless you want a real need on your hands.