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 Is homebrew expensive to make?

Is homebrew expensive to make?

After the initial investment for the necessary equipment and bottles, brewing at home is relatively inexpensive. In fact, if you prefer imported or micro-brewed beer you’ll be surprised to learn that you will save a lump of dough. An average 6-pack of micro-brew can cost upwards of $10. In contrast, the average cost of a 5 gallon recipe kit at Midwest sells for about $30-$40, which works out to be about $4.20 per 6-pack (almost 60% cheaper)!

The cost of homebrew can be reduced further with all-grain brewing. Although all-grain brewing requires additional equipment up front, the ingredients are considerably cheaper than extract brewing. All-grain brewing has the added advantage of greater control over the subtle nuances of a beer’s character. As an example of the difference in cost, an amber ale extract kit might cost $34, whereas the all-grain version of that same kit might cost $28. Either way it is inexpensive in comparison to shelling out full retail for quality imported or micro-brewed beer.

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