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Oxygenation Kit 2.0

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Oxygenation Kit 2.0

SKU: 40033

Improve the flavor of your homebrew with less effort and impress your friends and family with better results.

Oxygenation is vital to ensuring your yeast thrive during fermentation, reducing the lag phase and off-flavor-producing fermentation by-products while ensuring a finished fermentation to the targeted terminal gravity.

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Improve the flavor of your homebrew with less effort and impress your friends and family with better results.

Oxygenation is vital to ensuring your yeast thrive during fermentation, reducing the lag phase and off-flavor-producing fermentation by-products while ensuring a finished fermentation to the targeted terminal gravity.

Dramatically improve the strength and vigor of your fermentations by giving yeast the oxygen they need to start fermentation fast and finish strong. Oxygenation with compressed O2 and a diffusion-stone-tipped aeration wand yield the highest possible levels of dissolved O2 faster and more effectively than aeration with an aquarium-style pump.

Effortlessly infuse wort with pure oxygen in less than a minute, maximizing the level of dissolved oxygen to dramatically decrease lag time and yield vastly improved yeast attenuation. Equipped with a 16" aeration wand, the Oxygenation Kit 2.0 ensures oxygen infusion into even the deepest pockets of your fermentor. Provide the yeast with an optimal fermentation environment to ensure they produce the optimal brew.

System includes:

- valve to attach to an oxygen tank
- tubing
-16" aeration wand tipped with a stainless steel 0.5 micron air stone
- herbie clamp to secure tubing to wand

Needed but not included is a disposable oxygen tank, available at hardware stores. Please note that oxygen tanks & the regulator are reverse-threaded: right-turn to loosen, left-turn to tighten.
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Don't be a dummy like ME!!!
Hey,,, I had PROBLEMS with my oxygen kit.... Couldn't get it to screw onto my bottle of oxygen... I called Midwest, and they were eager to replace my kit,,, customer satisfaction...good people. Replacing it wouldn't have helped... You know how, when you sleep, things come to mind??? Well, it occurred to me, after a nap, that MAYBE oxygen bottles have LEFT hand threads. I looked at my kit again, and figured my poor ole feeble brain might be "ON TO" something... it was... Maybe everyone in the world KNOWS this already, except ME, BUT, if you get one of these kits, THAT'S the way it will work. Works GOOD, *now* that I figured THAT out. :-)
November 18, 2014
First couple times, this worked well for me. When I went to screw it on the second bottle, it wouldn't seal right and I lost basically the entire bottle of oxygen. I figured it was because I hadn't put thread tape on the bottle threads, so I resolved to do that with the third bottle. Could not get it to catch on the first thread while oxygen is blasting out. Turns out that the inner brass stem in the valve had unscrewed from the main valve housing. It came off while I was trying to screw the bottle in. I tried to reinstall that, but it turns out that brass is REALLY cheap metal. Torqued the piece right off with the threads in the valve housing. She's toast and my two beers sit waiting for oxygen.
June 13, 2016
Response from Midwest Supplies
Hi Chuck,

Thank you for contacting us and for your feedback. Sorry to hear of the poor experience you had with that Oxygenation Kit. We do intend them to work at a much higher standard than that. We stand behind our products with a one year warranty and would be happy to get a replacement to you. If you would prefer, we can issue a refund for that product. To do either we would just need the order number. Please let us know your preference and if we can be of any further assistance.


Lance F.
November 2, 2016
Midwest Supplies
inefficient and safety issues
This unit regulator connects to only 02 purchased in hardware stores in the plumbing department. The red cylinders are small, expensive; and, at best work for two oxygenations. In addition, the label on the bottle states contains other gases not suitable for human consumption.

Therefore, I went to a conventional gas cylinder plant and purchased safe cylinder but the above regulator does not fit. So , went to brew store and found some fittings so I can use a safe, authorized O2 source.
June 11, 2017
Excellent, easy to use product
I've seen a noticeable difference in how quickly fermentation starts since using the Oxtgenation Kit 2.0 and my beer tastes cleaner for it. I highly recommend this to anyone looking to give themselves a better shot at ending up with really clean beer.
August 2, 2016
This thing is great
Tried it for the first time this morning. Screwed on perfectly to the disposable Bernzomatic oxygen tank I got from Lowers. Valve is good quality. The wand setup is FAR superior to the rubber tube attached to the oxygen stone setup of the 1.0 version (that somehow was more expensive). I had a homemade setup similar to the 1.0 version and it sucked. _x000D__x000D_This new setup is awesome, but be aware that your Wort will bubble up a lot, so have some head space in your fermenter or put the lid on and run the wand through the hole for the airlock. Great buy!
May 31, 2014
Get one now!
I actually have the 1.0 version, which works great as well. It has the same valve, which is heavy duty and works great. My review is more on the whole concept of oxygenation... I've been brewing extract for a couple of years now, and I've consistently had trouble getting complete fermentation. Temps were good, rehydrated yeast, aggressively sloshed the fermenter after pitching, etc, but I always ended up with FG 0.005 or so short of where it should have be, and beer that tasted slightly sweet. Adding oxygen fixed it all in one go... I now pretty much nail the expected OG->FG on every recipe I've tried since using this. That and I usually have activity in the airlock within 3-4 hours of pitching, where before it was usually 8 or so. And I don't need to throw my fermenter around for 10 minutes after pitching... Probably the best gear purchase I've made since my kegging setup! Get one!
August 24, 2014
This piece is a well
This piece is a well built quality product. Easy to use and priced right. It's a must for the home Brewer.
February 19, 2016
Works better than advertised.
I recently upped my yeast game by buying this and starting to make sizeable yeast starters. It makes a huge difference. After oxyginating with this bad boy and pitching a nice starter I can get frmentation in less than 3 hours and reach FG in about 12 to 18. That's a big, big improvement over tossing in a smack pack and crossing your fingers. My only complaint is that the threads on the regulater are not machined that well and I get gas leakage through them. Not a big deal and I bought some gas-rated teflon tape, hopefully that fixes the problem next time. Overall though, this thing rocks and if you want to take your homebrewing to the next level, this is where to start.
July 18, 2016
Regulator Broke after first use
This is the second oxygenation kit I received after the first one from Midwest was broken in the same fashion. The regulator worked great for the first batch but it was broken yesterday during my brew day, which is very frustrating. The tank had oxygen in it and the stone had been boiled for 15 minutes prior.
March 7, 2016
Response from Midwest Supplies
Sorry to hear about an issue Colton! What happened? I could send a new one, we see a very low fail rate on those - and I can make sure to pick you out one that seems good, not sure what is happening if two have failed. The info I have is not very clear on what happened - but we're happy to try and get you fixed up however we can! Let us know!
November 2, 2016
Midwest Supplies
Works great
Works great
January 10, 2016
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Is the wand/stone sold separately? I already own a valve with barb from a previous purchase.
A shopper on Jan 8, 2017
BEST ANSWER: you can buy the wand and stone here SKU: 41237
I'd imagine then just add the tubing here SKU: U4129
Stainless Steel Aeration Wand - 0.5 Micron - 16
Stainless Steel Aeration Wand - 0.5 Micron - 16"
Clearflo AG-47 Anti-Microbial Tubing - 3/16
Clearflo AG-47 Anti-Microbial Tubing - 3/16" ID
Where can I get the disposable 02 bottle?
Daniel S on Apr 26, 2017
BEST ANSWER: I get the Bernzomatic oxygen cylinders at Lowe's in the welding supplies section. This area is usually somewhere around the contractor checkout lanes or just ask.
Is also for wine making sound like everyone who has used this was for making beer?
George P on Sep 27, 2017
BEST ANSWER: For wine making, I use it for oxygenating the must before adding the yeast in the primary fermentor. It works great!
Looking to purchase and wondering about the regulator and O2 infusion rates. Is there an optimal setting on this non-quantifiable regulator? I often hear things like "two 15 second bursts is all you need". But not sure how far open the valve should be. Wondering if you've done any analysis and how many batches this will last assuming you need 30s per five gallons and use a standard 1.4oz disposable cylinder.
B J on Dec 7, 2015
BEST ANSWER: I have the 1.0 kit (only difference I can see is the tubing clamp). I can't speak to optimal regulator setting but I just crack open the knob to keep foaming under control. I figure the low and slow approach risks little more than blowing some excess O2 out the top after the wort hits its limit for dissolved O2. The original 1.4oz O2 cylinder is still going strong after 15+ batches but even if it quit tomorrow gas cost would be under $0.75 per batch.
Is the oxygen stone removable?
A N on Jul 23, 2016
BEST ANSWER: The stone and wand are a rigid assembly. The stone is not removable from the wand. The wand assembly can be removed from the flexible tubing.

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