1 Gallon Glass Growler or Jug

  • 1-Gallon Glass jug

1 Gallon Glass Growler or Jug

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Master Vintner® Fresh Harvest® Fruit Winemaking Kit and the Master Vintner® Small Batch Wine Making Starter Kit for secondary fermentation.

Ferment small batches of fruit wine or home brewed beer with this clear glass 1-gallon jug (carboy). Ideal as a secondary fermentor, this 1 gallon fermentor is odor-free and perfect for homebrewing. Take your homebrewing journey to the next level and use these 1 gallon jugs to split up a batch of beer and experiment with different dry hops, fruit essences, and other flavor additions.

  • Heavy-duty glass with carrying loop
  • 1-gallon capacity
  • Seal with a #6 rubber stopper (sold separately)
  • Does not include cap

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SKU 7009

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More flexibility for my mead

These work great. I'm so happy I made this purchase. I purchased these growlers to give me the ability to more easily move my mead batch, give me the option to add flavors, and free my 6 gallon brewing barrel if/when I want to make a new batch. Since I plan to age for many months, I don't know when they might be. I moved my batches this morning since we're doing plumbing work near where I was storing my growlers. Easy as pie to move it to a safe location.


1 Gallon Glass Growler or Jug


They do the job.

damaged jug replacement.

I received my order promptly as always. The order was well packed except for two of the gallon jugs that seemed damaged at the top. When I put on the caps they broke at the top. I emailed this info to you and they were promptly replaced. Thank you. I placed my batch of wine in them and put them away. When I opened one of them later, the top of the jug broke as I unscrewed the lid. Today a second one broke as I opened it. So now I am thinking I may have got a bad batch of glass. Have you had other reports of these jugs breaking? I've never had this problem before, the jugs have not been heated or mishandled since I got them. Now I'm afraid to touch them, what should I do ? Thank you for your consideration. Dale

Always good

Great service