3/8" ID Siphon Hose Tubing

  • 3/8" ID Siphon Hose Tubing
3/8 3/8

3/8" ID Siphon Hose Tubing

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The 3/8" tubing is easier to get on and off of racking canes, spigots and bottle fillers, but not as airtight as the 5/16" tubing. Using a small worm clamp will prevent air from getting into the tubing while in use, and still make it easy to take the tubing on and off your equipment.

  • Inner diameter: 3/8"
  • Outer diameter: 1/2"

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Customer Reviews

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Ryan C.
Fine hose

No plastic smell, does what it is supposed to do

Glad I got it !

I Originally purchased this to make a better bottling system , but I just made a American Pale Ale , batch with a 1.066 OG , and a Imperial yeast House Ale! so it is blowing out my air lock with Foam , all my yeast is blowing out the top , Very vigorous bugs and all that sugar in a 5 gallon fermenter . So I used the tubing to make a airlock in a used clean plastic coffee can with a air lock , a type of dual air lock , where I can catch the yeast through the tube and pour back in , Glad I had it on hand ! and people the Elegant bastard Ale kit is bad ass !

James M.
Good tubing

Good product. Arrived clean, clear and pliable. Works well.

David E.
This is the right hose for the Stainless Steel racking cane

After receiving the stainless steel racking cane (which I love!) and the recommended hose I found they did not fit together even after softening the hose with hot water. This is the next size up from the recommended hose and I find it works great. and much better with my bottle filler as well. No problems with air, losing the siphon, or plastic parts breaking as I disassemble and clean up.

Get at least 4 feet

The tubing tends to curl up so having the extra fool is the difference between the end at the bottom of the container or dangling in the air and introducing Oxygen.,