Continuous Brew Kombucha Starter Kit - 3 Gallons

  • The three-gallon Continuous Brew Kombucha Starter Kit with its contents on display
The three-gallon Continuous Brew Kombucha Starter Kit with its contents on display 3 Gallon Kombucha Starter Kit Glass Fermenter 3 Gallon Kombucha Starter Kit's Recipe Ingredients The glass fermentor pouring kombucha into a glass

Continuous Brew Kombucha Starter Kit - 3 Gallons

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Continuous Brewing Designed for the Avid Kombucha Drinker.

If you’re an avid kombucha drinker, this is the complete set of equipment and ingredients you need. Individualize your batch to precisely the taste you crave, and deserve.

The glass fermenting vessel with stainless steel serving spigot holds three gallons of kombucha, more fizzy goodness with the same level of effort. Easily pour yourself a glass kombucha from the stainless steel spigot, or fill a resealable bottle and wait a few days for carbonation.

It's DIY fermentation at its very finest.
Glass and Stainless Steel separate this starter kit from any other on the market. Impermeable glass keeps your kombucha pure, and the stainless steel spigot makes pouring a perfect serving a breeze with confidence in the cleanliness of a quality product.

This craft Kombucha Making Starter Kit has everything you need to learn how to make delicious kombucha at home. The glass fermenting vessel holds three gallons of kombucha, more probiotic goodness than the standard 1 gallon options with the same level of effort. It's DIY fermentation at its very finest.

The ONLY kit with a stainless steel spigot for serving & sampling (lasts much longer than plastic and is much more sanitary).

Holds 3 gallons of Kombucha.

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SKU 42830


  • Live SCOBY
  • 3 Gallon Glass Fermenter
  • Stainless Steel Spigot
  • Kombucha Black Tea Blend
  • Raw Cane Sugar
  • FermagraF° Adhesive LCD Thermometer
  • Butter Muslin– 2 Yard Package
  • Rubber Band for 3 Gallon Kombucha Vessel
  • Stainless Tea Steeping Ball
  • Kombucha pH Testing Strips (10 pack)
  • 7.5 mL Kombucha Testing Pipette

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Great starter kit

Instructions are straight and clear. We also picked up a handful of the flavor crystals. Just bottled our first batch and it was a homerun!!

Christopher T.
Great kombucha vessel

I bought the starter kit just for the large sized vessel and handy spigot which looked like the best deal for the quality I could find online. I haven't been disappointed! This is so much more convenient than the small batches I was brewing before, and the spigot is much more convenient than using a ladel.

lisa R.
Great Continuous Brew Vessel

Very happy with this purchase!

Great quality equipment and kombucha

This kit includes everything you need to start brewing kombucha. Everything is great quality and my kombucha tastes great. I was originally trying to buy equipment on Amazon, but every item (even “highly rated” ones) had some recent reviews saying that items were fake or poor quality (some said the spout was actually plastic despite advertising stainless and turned kombucha black). I decided that nothing on there could be trusted so I looked for another website to buy from. It’s a relief to buy from a company that focuses 100% of their efforts on brewing, so you know everything will be safe and reliable. I am very happy with my purchase.

One small issue was that the SCOBY didn’t work for my first batch and eventually grew some mold. This was shipped in Texas summer and arrived quite hot so I suspect that the heat killed it. But I started fresh with a store bought bottle of kombucha as a starter and this worked well.

Taylor Q.
Sister in law loves it!

I got this for my sister in law for Xmas, and she has been having a blast making her own booch! Clear and concise instructions and good quality equipment/ingredients