Amber Malt Extract Syrup - Briess

  • 3.15- and 6-pound Amber Malt Extract Syrup containers
3.15- and 6-pound Amber Malt Extract Syrup containers Amber Malt Extract Syrup 3.15 lbs Amber Malt Extract Syrup 6 lbs

Amber Malt Extract Syrup - Briess

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Boasting unparalleled malt character and flavor, Amber LME adds full, complex flavor to everything from red ales to IPAs and beyond. This palate pleaser is particularly suited for use in medium-colored amber and brown beers, with Caramel 60L contributing a deep, toasted caramel color.

Our premium Amber Malt Syrup provides a robust base for extract with a dynamic combination of pale malt, Caramel 60L, and Munich malt. Wort color contributions between 8.0° to 13.0° Lovibond offer exceptional depth of both flavor and color. And with a fermentability of 75%, Amber LME is an excellent gravity booster in Imperial Stouts and Barley Wines.

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Grain Usage

Use in the production of Pale Ales, Red and Amber Ales, Munich Style Beers, Bock and Oktoberfest Beers, Scottish Ales, and
darker beers including Stouts and Porters

Malt Color Light (0-15° L)

Customer Reviews

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Bradley C.
Great value

I always just buy the 6 pack as it’s a great value. The malt itself makes a great base and then I can experiment with different grains/hops. I have only made one batch I didn’t care for but that had nothing to do with the malt. I still drank it anyway.

Mark H.

Amber Malt Extract Syrup - Briess

Dave S.

Amber Malt Extract Syrup

ordered amber malt extract

It may sound strange but we do not use the malt extract for making beer.
But we do use it for making an insanely amount of bagels for our farmers market in a wee town in northern Minnesota .....thank you

Happy home brewer

I've been a home brewer for over 35 years. Every supply I have ever purchased from MIDWEST Supplies has met my highest expectations. I have only bottled one batch in my long brewing history as I puffer kegging over bottling. I have a four tap dispenser in my kitchen which is a hit with friends and relatives. You can always count on my place to have a variety to choose from. MIDWEST is the only place I buy the supplies whether just malts or a kit. You can count on the quality and service.