Big Mouth Bubbler® Universal Single Port Lid

  • Big Mouth Bubbler® Universal Lid - Single Port
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Big Mouth Bubbler® Universal Single Port Lid

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The first-ever universal lid for Big Mouth Bubbler® fermentors. Engineered to suit any fermentor in the Big Mouth Bubbler® family.
From EVO 2 and Plastic to first-generation glass and even the Little Big Mouth Bubbler®, ribbed silicone rings ensure a completely air-tight seal. Better yet, the port is perfectly sized for all your standard homebrew tools, from a universal carboy bung and standard blowoff hose to a testing thief and auto-siphon.
Easy to clean, just pop it in the top rack of your dishwasher and run it through a standard cycle. You can also use your standard homebrew cleaners and sanitizers. The universal lids all use a:
  • Small universal stopper
  • Standard 6.5 rubber stopper.
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    SKU 41829

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    Duct Tape Works

    I have a high gravity batch going right now with Wyeast Belgian Ardennes pitched 3 days ago. 20 hours in the lid blew off and I clamped it down with 2 long strips of duct tape over the top and two more around the upper neck to cinch the first two down. 5/16 inch blow-off hose has been burping away happily ever since. I do like the bottles but plan to order a couple spare lids / gaskets and fit at least one with stoppers and blow-off line installed for the next occurrence.

    I'll worry about the tape residue later. WCW

    Great lid but, has a draw back

    The product is great however, the fermentation can cause enough pressure to raise the lid off. I would highly suggest a clamp ability to maintain a tight seal.


    much easier to use than the regular screw on cap

    For the love of God, please make a lid that works

    I have several of these, and they never seal. Ever. Wet or dry, the pressure always pushes them up. Back when bubblers first came on the market, they had a decent lid that screwed on. Whats wrongs with going back to that? You really shouldn't have to use things like tape or weights to get it to work. This isn't hard, just make something that works easily, every time.

    does not seal

    does not stay down. does not seal.
    I see why people were using straps to hold the lid down.
    Is anyone having success with this lid? I would like to know how.