Brewery Essentials 2 Clean Kit

  • Brewery Essentials 2 Clean Kit containing a spray bottle, star san, five star PBW container, and jet bottle washer

Brewery Essentials 2 Clean Kit

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Cleaner. Faster. Better Beer. Spray-sanitize equipment in seconds. Blast away grime from fermentors and bottles. Use the best tools in the game to make your beer shine and brewery sparkle.

The secret weapons in a homebrewer’s arsenal, PBW & Star San absolutely dominate cleaning and sanitizing. PBW destroys even the worst caked-on krausen in a flash with just a quick soak. No rinse Star San obliterates the most sinister bugs to keep your brewery sanitary.

In the 2 Clean Kit, this swift tag team calls on loyal sidekicks to make a tough task effortless. The Fermenter's Favorite® Bottle Washer blasts away crud in seconds. Spray-sanitizing with no-rinse Star San cuts down on heavy, slippery lifting. Plus, the Star San solution will last in the spray bottle for weeks, allowing you to easily sanitize small parts without having to mix a whole new batch of sanitizer. The most important step in home brewing just got easier.

Go from disgusting to damn-near perfect with this all-star team of dirty-equipment avengers.

Kit Includes:

  • PBW Brewery Cleaner - 1 lb.
  • Star San No-Rinse Sanitizer - 16 oz.
  • Jet Bottle Washer & Faucet Adapter
  • Chemical-Resistant Spray Bottle
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SKU 41382

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Abigail F.
Fast shipping, great supplies!

The delivery was quick, and everything has worked perfectly! Just finished cleaning out a gallon carboy; within minutes the sediment was falling to the bottom. Will be purchasing again!

Curtis S.

Everything was great!

Jay L.
Getting Educated

I recently started brewing again after about a 10 year hiatus, I used all of my literature from the past, my brew notebook log and got it going....old school Iodine sanitizer and store brand bleach, first brew awesome 2nd very well, but my Stout had a case of ring around the bottle.....Ordered the kit, The PBW is a great Item and I have found a hundred uses for it, The Star San is ultimate, "Don't Fear The Foam", Very confidence inspiring and is awesome to see that bubble cling to your Carboy , The Washer is no Joke blasts away every bit of residue, I am using it after I rinse and empty upon bottling, PBW for an hour, brush agitation a blast clean and it shines, I spray in Star San just because...I will not have Contaminated Beer if I use this GREAT TRIO of Supplies.

Steve D.
Pumpkin brew

looking forward to brewing