Chardonnay Wine Kit - Master Vintner® Winemaker's Reserve

  • Chardonnay Wine Kit - Master Vintner® Winemaker's Reserve

Chardonnay Wine Kit - Master Vintner® Winemaker's Reserve

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Dry to medium-dry with pear, apple, tropical and citrus fruit notes. Master Vintner® Chardonnay makes six gallons of crisp and fresh wine, with a rich bouquet of citrusy fruit blending into aromas of peach and pineapple-melon.
Tropical flavors intermingle with piquant tree fruits for a clean, medium-dry mouthfeel. Serve chilled and pair with fish, seafood and hors d'oeuvres.

Master Vintner® Chardonnay ages very well with oak (not included), developing elegant vanilla-spice flavors, hints of smoked wood and a rich, buttery mouthfeel.

Yield: 6 Gallons

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SKU 41918
Wine Color White
Wine Style Chardonnay
Yield 6 Gallons

Customer Reviews

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Don't like the pricing here. It's deceptive.

Ordered this with 20% off coupon. Price was listed as $89.99. I paid $71.99. Today I see it's listed as a $74.99 kit on sale for $66.98. Inflating prices to make you think you're getting a deal with a coupon, is not the type of company I want to do business with.

The Best Yet!

Fortunately for me, my other family members do not care for white wines, so I get these all to my self. Started this kit on 12/1/19 and bottled it on 1/1/20. Added oak during clarifying which added character and depth to the juice. Wonderful balance between fruit and acidity as well as some noticeable complexity. Gave several bottles to friends who clamored immediately for more. I drink a number of Napa/Sonoma chardonnays, but I would drink this for the rest of my life if I could only keep it stocked. Another kit fermenting...with another waiting in the background.

My favorite wine kit!

Very good juice and I always add my own juice instead of water, makes a very smooth robust wine.

So Pleased with my Chardonnay Kit

I am first time wine maker and I’m thrilled with the results of my Chardonnay! Just did a taste comparison with my usual favorite from the store…. A $14 bottle of Chardonnay and the kit Chardonnay is much more to my liking. Store bought has a full body strong taste while the kit has a softer lighter taste with plenty of flavor. I tasted the oak that was with the kit. Thank you so much to the Chat folks who kept me on track. Having your chat folks really helps to ease my stress in making this wine. I can’t wait to try a merlot next! Thank You Midwest Supplies!!

Best wedding wine

Made wine for friends wedding... Big hit!