Cider House Select™ Apple Cider Kit

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Cider House Select™ Apple Cider Kit

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This 6 gallon recipe kit is deliciously packed full of flavor, with juice made from apples ripe for the picking.

A traditional hard sparkling cider that is packed full of flavor. This apple cider is crisp, light and refreshing, a perfect choice any time of the year. Its remarkably fresh apple nose and well-balanced mouthfeel are brought to life in a tart, golden-hued body.

A refreshing, spritzy alternative to beer—mouthwatering cider with a boozy twist lacks the bitterness of ale.

Striking a balance between scrumptiously sweet and tartly dry, hard cider carries an easy-drinking 5-7% alcohol content.

Served lightly carbonated, cider pairs exceptionally well with food. Fresh cheese, leafy greens, seafood morsels and anything slow-cooked, smoked or barbecued will perfectly complement the boozy apple nectar of fall.

Cider House Select™ Apple Cider is a crisp beverage enjoyed by beer and wine lovers alike.

Now Gluten Free!

This 6 gallon recipe kit is deliciously packed full of flavor, with juice made from apples ripe for the picking.

Note: All Cider House Select Kits require the addition of 2 pounds of corn sugar to reach their full alcohol potential

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Customer Reviews

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Angel M.
Didn’t know what to expect

I didn’t use the artificial sweetener I held back some of the cider concentrate to sweeten it which also allowed me to do a natural carbonation, but I’m impressed everyone that tried it kept coming back for more, so I will be purchasing it again. Seriously as long as you follow the directions it’s better than anything you’re going to find at a store

Dale E.
Apple Cider Kit

I have been making wine kits for a while and decided to try Cider. The Cider House Select kit was easy to make and bottle. The flavor is good except kit uses a non-sugar ingredient to sweeten the fermented cider, and I dont care for the artificial flavor. Should have used sugar and made the cider a carbonated one.

Thomas K.
Awesome cider

Easy and tasty

Sean M.
Not bad, not amazing

Very easy to use kit, though I don't like that you have to open the entire thing to get to the instructions (I went online and read the instructions before starting). I used a1lb. corn sugar and 1lb. brown sugar, and the finished cider came out right around 5%abv.
It is tasty enough, but a bit lack-luster. I did skip both the sweetening and the "flavor packet" as they both contain artificial sweeteners, so that could part of why it was slightly disappointing.

Tim W.

I am an old man that has been making hard cider in New England for over 50 years. Cider style, like a lot of things in NE, is a personal choice. However, if you like a real NE cider, not a store bought and packaged product, this is for you. I tried an apple and a pear and did a tasting verses my traditional, fresh pressed cider. I must admit my cider is a little better (of course I had to say that) but I will be using this product from now on. No more picking, washing, pressing, filtering, just mix, add my favorite yeast and 4 weeks later, you will be writing positive reviews!