Cider House Select™ Pear Cider Kit

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Cider House Select™ Pear Cider Kit

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This 6 gallon recipe kit is deliciously packed full of flavor, with juice made from apples ripe for the picking.

Bursting with pear flavor from the very first sip and deliciously easy to drink, Pear cider is a perfect companion for any day or evening event. Festive and light, the notes of ripe pear are complemented by a soft body and crisp finish.

A refreshing, spritzy alternative to beer—mouthwatering cider with a boozy twist is delicious and lacks the bitterness of ale.

Striking a balance between scrumptiously sweet and tartly dry, hard cider carries an easy-drinking 5-7% alcohol content.

Served lightly carbonated, cider pairs exceptionally well with food. Fresh cheese, leafy greens, seafood morsels and anything slow-cooked, smoked or barbecued will perfectly complement the boozy apple nectar of fall.

Cider House Select™ Pear Cider is a crisp beverage enjoyed by beer and wine lovers alike.

This 6 gallon recipe kit is deliciously packed full of flavor, with juice made from apples ripe for the picking.

Note: All Cider House Select Kits require the addition of 2 pounds of corn sugar to reach their full alcohol potential

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I am an old man that has been making hard cider in New England for over 50 years. Cider style, like a lot of things in NE, is a personal choice. However, if you like a real NE cider, not a store bought and packaged product, this is for you. I tried an apple and a pear and did a tasting verses my traditional, fresh pressed cider. I must admit my cider is a little better (of course I had to say that) but I will be using this product from now on. No more picking, washing, pressing, filtering, just mix, add my favorite yeast and 4 weeks later, you will be writing positive reviews!


Tastes great! Simple to make, ready in 10-14 days+2weeks bottle conditioning

EZBrewPZ if you like cider you'll love these kits.

This is the fourth Cider House kit that I've made. All have been excellent and theno boil makes them very easy to brew. The flavor is good in just a few weeks of aging. No need to tweek the recipe for a good refreshing drink but I did add a little pineapple to one was great!Cheers,KingB

Easy simple base kit

Excellent beginner kit, able to add more to make your own recipe.

I won a Silver Medal with this kit. Hoppy Halloween 2017

I enter the cider as a New World Perry. I added all ingredients (filtered water, pear concentrate, 2 lbs corn sugar) to the boil kettle and heated to a boil. Turned it off and than wort chilled to pitching temperature. I used Safcider Dry Cider Yeast instead of the one with the kit. Goodluck! Cheers! Jeffo