Empire Builder Imperial Cream Ale Beer Recipe Kit

  • Empire Builder Imperial Cream Ale in a drinking glass

Empire Builder Imperial Cream Ale Beer Recipe Kit

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Creating the railroad empire across the west took considerable fortitude, commitment, and a strong back. Empire Builder Cream Ale is a nod to that incredible effort. This recipe boasts an original gravity of 1.074, certainly not for the weak of heart, and the sturdy malt backbone provides the basis on which this strength is founded.

Speaking of commitment, Americans have brewed the Cream Ale style for a century or more, growing and adapting it right along with our railways. This scaled up version of the classic boasts clean malt flavors, a firm bitterness, and features traditional adjuncts to achieve its medium body. Pouring with a deep golden hue and capped with a dense brilliantly white foam cloud, Empire Builder Cream Ale forges west into the sunset, never looking back.

Brewing Notes:

  • Style: Imperial Cream Ale
  • Fermentation Range: 60 - 73F
  • OG: 1.074
  • SRM: 5
  • IBUs: 31
  • ABV: 7.9%

Tasting Notes:

  • Clean, grainy malt character
  • Spicy, floral hop flavor
  • Faint alcohol notes
  • Medium-high body
  • Moderately long, smooth finish


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Additional Information

SKU B11140
Beer Color Light
Original Gravity


Total Time to Make 8 weeks
Regional Style USA
Alcohol Content High
Yield 5 Gallons
Beer Style American Pale Ale/Cream Ale
Fermentation Type Ale
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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Great tasting ale

This small portion of beer was easy to brew and tastes great! Slight issue with the fizzy tabs fitting in the opening of the 12 oz bottles, but overall great beer!

Joel B.
A big simple beer

If you are looking for bang for your buck this kit is one of the best. It's a boozy beer that you can throw together quickly. Or use it as a base kit that you can add to or take away from and still have beer. I have used Lallermand Kveik dry yeast and turned this beer in less than a week. Give it a shot, it's hard to lose at this price point, like I said, a great bang for your buck.

A.Q. R.
Very good!

Very good,tasty,high abv👍😁

Thomas D.
It worked nice and not bad

It did it's job like I thought it would do. I did in fact get shipped yeast and not a placebo.


ABV was 9%
Not a bad taste overall I'm just partial to darker beers.