Fast Pitch Canned Wort - 4 Pack

  • Fast Pitch Canned Wort - 4 Pack
Fast Pitch Canned Wort - 4 Pack Four pack of fast pitch canned wort turned at an angle.

Fast Pitch Canned Wort - 4 Pack

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Fast Pitch® is an instant yeast starter. Go straight from can to flask and eliminate waiting, extra equipment, clean-up and risk of contamination. No boiling, no DME. From start to finish in under 5 minutes, Fast Pitch® is as easy as pour, pitch, propagate!

We've stressed the importance of yeast starters for two decades. Starters radically alter beer quality. Higher ABV with complete fermentations. Eliminated off-flavors through strong, healthy yeast. Reassurance that your yeast is viable before you pitch it. Essentially, a yeast starter is the fast track to commercial-quality craft brew. For the committed homebrewer, yeast starters are a ritual--and a revered one at that.

To make a long story short, yeast starters are the #1 way to radically improve every aspect of your homebrew. So we're taking the next step in simplifying the process, and practically making them for you. A yeast starter with Fast Pitch® is as easy as making kool-aid. Add it to water, pitch yeast. Make better beer. It's that easy.

*Starter Original Gravity will be 1.040 when properly diluted, as indicated below.

How to use Fast Pitch® Canned Wort:

Size of Starter

Add Fast Pitch®

Add Water


1 can

16 oz.


2 cans

32 oz.

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SKU 41936

Use one can of Fast Pitch® for each liter of starter wort. Sanitize everything--flask, stopper, top of each can of Fast Pitch®, and yeast packet. Pour Fast Pitch® directly into your flask. Add 16 oz. water to the flask for each can of Fast Pitch®. Swirl to mix. Add yeast and cover with sanitized stopper. Stir regularly for the next 24 hours, or use a stir plate for best results. Fast Pitch® already contains yeast nutrient too. Damn that was fast!

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Fast Pitch Canned Wort - 4 Pack

Never received the fast pitch wort

Never received the fast pitch canned wort

Quick Starter

Makes a yeast starter a breeze. No need to boil DME. Straight to a sanitized flask and on to the stir plate.

Great starter

These cans are such a time savor! I don't have so much cleanup boiling DME.

With Fast Pitch you have one less thing to do.

This stuff is great. Saves time prepping for brewing.