Fast Pitch Canned Wort - Grand Slam 24 Pack

  • Fast Pitch Canned Wort - Grand Slam 24 Pack

Fast Pitch Canned Wort - Grand Slam 24 Pack

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Fast Pitch® is the easiest way to up your homebrewing game, making it easy to produce commercial-quality craft brew without a lot of fuss. Once you discover how easy it is, you’ll want to load the bases (and your carboys) with as much great homebrew as possible. That’s why we bundled 24 cans of Fast Pitch® together into a home run of a deal, so billions of happy, healthy yeast cells can go to bat for you...helping you make better beer and lots of it.

With Fast Pitch®, you can go straight from can to flask and eliminate waiting, extra equipment, clean-up and risk of contamination. No boiling, no DME. From start to finish in under 5 minutes. It’s as easy as pour, pitch, propagate...and repeat, with the Fast Pitch® Grand Slam Bundle.

Use one can of Fast Pitch® for each liter of starter wort. Sanitize everything--flask, stopper, top of each can of Fast Pitch®, and yeast packet. Pour Fast Pitch® directly into your flask. Add 16 oz. water to the flask for each can of Fast Pitch®. Swirl to mix. Add yeast and cover with sanitized stopper. Stir regularly for the next 24 hours, or use a stir plate for best results. Fast Pitch® already contains yeast nutrient too. Damn that was fast!

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SKU 42061

Customer Reviews

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Daniel L.

Started using these about a year ago and it's been one of the best time savers I've incorporated.

Shawn R.
Time saver

I’m a huge fan of pitching a big starter and this has made it so much easier to get it started after working all day. Worth the investment to save the preparation time for a brew day. Go big and enjoy

Valued C.

Amazing product!!!

Allan S.
Great Innvation

One of the best recent innovations in homebrewing . Extremely convenient way to culture yeast.

C F.

Glad it's back in stock. Very convenient product