FastWasher12 Bottle Washer

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  • FastWasher 12 Bottle Washer
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FastWasher12 Bottle Washer

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No doubt about it...Filling bottles: Fun. Emptying them: Even more fun. Cleaning and sanitizing bottles for your next batch of wine or homebrew: No fun at all.

Until now, that is. Introducing the FastWasher12 -- the hands-free, high-capacity bottle cleaner and sanitizer that will change your bottling game forever. Simply load 12 bottles onto the durable, brewer-designed rack, then turn on the washer and let the powerful pumps do all the hard work. No scrubbing. No nonsense. No mountain of empties to wash and sanitize by hand ever again!

The FastWasher12 is your Get Out of Chores Free card. Engineered from high-density plastic, it’s easy to assemble in minutes using just a Philips screwdriver. The cleaning rack fits a wide range of 12 to 22 oz bottles (330 to 750 ml). And because it cleans 12 bottles all at once, it cuts your bottle washing time in half and shaves 90% off sanitizing time. That frees up more time for the fun stuff...which is what homebrewing and winemaking are all about.

So say “Buh-bye bottle brush!” and hello to your new best friend: FastWasher12, the bottle cleaner and sanitizer of your dreams.

Compatible with FastRack Wine Rack (not included) for easy, cartridge-style loading, unloading, and drying. Use your FastWasher 12 anywhere with the highly recommended Cleaning & Sanitizing Tote (not included).

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For more time-saving, creative solutions to everyday cleaning and fermenting check out our full lineup of FastFerment and FastWasher products!

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Eddie H.
excellent investment

save yourself a lot of trouble and buy this bottle washer....time is valuable and this devise will save you a ton of time


This washer worked awesome. We cleaned enough bottles for 12+ gallons of wine in 10% or less time than it took in the past.

gerry c.

I haven’t used it yet!!

Jesse G.
Fast washer 12

It has significantly reduced the cleaning time for bottles. I added a heating element to the tub so it doesn’t cool off as I clean multiple batches of bottles. I highly recommend adding one if you have the ability.

Almost perfect

Overall a quicker way to wash bottles. As others mentioned, there’s no ON/OFF switch. A person could use a power strip with a switch if you really wanted to. One issue I noticed is that if a bottle isn’t perfectly upright, there’s a chance some parts of the bottle don’t get any or sufficient water flow. I got by this issue by rotating the bottles a number of times. I suspect this isn’t an issue on smaller bottles, but it is for champagne bottles.