Fermaid O Yeast Nutrient 12 and 750 g

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Fermaid O Yeast Nutrient 12 and 750 g

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Fermaid O is an Organic version of Fermaid K. It is an autolyzed yeast nutrient with a high content of organic nitrogen (amino acids). It is formu­lated without DAP. It is best to add Fermaid O in two doses. Add half the dose at the end of lag phase (at the onset of fermentation) and the other half between 1/4 and 1/3 sugar depletion.

To Use: Fermaid O should be mixed with room tem­perature water before adding to an active fermentation to avoid CO2 release and overflowing of tanks or bar­rels. The amount of water used is not critical. Simply add enough to make a slurry.

Dosage: 1.5 grams/gallon

Storage: Dated expiration. Store at 18°C(65°F). Once opened, keep tightly sealed and dry.

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Steve B.


Total surprise

I got this for TONSA for mead , it worked great for that , so just to experiment , I added a 1/8th Tsp to 100 mil water when reconstituting Yeast for a Ale , WOW the action in the fermenter within 24 hours was unbelievable, 72 hours later is smells like it's ALE already ! I will be researching and experimenting more on this ! As a novice , I will have to learn more . but it seems to help with the mead by keeping the Yeast active in higher ABV levels . still producing , so it could do the same for Beer , taste test will out !

A must use for mead making

Making straight mead with only honey and water stresses your yeast. Use Fermaid O and follow the TOSNA Protocol (Google it) of staggered nutrient additions for a strong and healthy fermentation. Get a better finished mead a lot quicker.

Butternut F.L.

Great nutrient that keeps the ferment going strong right to the end! I even cut the rate a bit. Difficult to dissolve into solution before adding though.