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Bottling sucks. Kegging is great. But what to do if you keg, and want to bring your beer with you? Lugging around a corny keg and a gas tank is downright inconvenient, especially if you’re walking or on a bike. Growlers to the rescue! They fit in a pack, that goes on your back - so you can take your beer to where the party’s at. Our growler filler is the quick and easy way to fill growlers or bottles from a beer faucet. The chrome-plated fitting jams right into any standard chrome or stainless steel faucet and seals securely with 2 o-rings for leak free performance, the tubing measures 1 foot in length to fill your growler from the bottom up. It’s the best way to bring beer for the brewer on the go.

(Not compatible with Perl, Perlick, or other faucets.)

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SKU K346

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Anthony C.

Worked like expected ...filled growlers of my kegged homebrew for others to experience ... I would recommend this product

John W.
Nice idea, doesn't work well with box kegorator

Fits well in my tap with a good seal. My issue is that I have a standard kegerator and the height of the tap tower isn't high enough to fill a growler. If I try to have the growler next to the tap, the hose is too short. I plan to modify it with a longer hose so that I can put the growler next to the tap instead of under it.

Bill S.
Works great

Makes it alot easier to fill the growlers

Gets the Job Done

The filler definitely gets the job done, remember to shut off the CO2 before filling. While I have never chilled down a growler prior to filling I can see how that would help in the filling of a growler. I purchased this because it seemed cheaper and looked way better than me running up to home depot to purchase a tube that would just go over the tap. Good purchase, one that I will tell all my friends about.

Nice gift

Got this as a gift and have used it a few times. Works well to fill the growler with minimum foam. Easy to clean up, would buy one if I didn't already get one as a gift.